Assessment 3 - Implementation Plan and Solution choice

Assessment 3 Implementation Plan and Solution choice

Following from your previous work on SkiZone you now know what the new system will be Required to contribute to. You now need to choose at least two solutions that you believe will solve the new system Requirements and subject the solutions to appraisal using a checklist of your devising to provide the "Most Suitable" solution. You will then provide your recommendation to SkiZone with the reasoning you have used to make this choice. Your report should also contain:

Implementation and Testing Strategy (2 - 4 pages): an outline that details the implementation strategy you will be using for the new system. This will include an outline that details the testing strategy that you will implement

          ? 1. Discuss why you have chosen this strategy, the issues and risks you could expect to encounter, and how you will manage these.

           ? 2. This should deal with the whole system testing strategy.

           ? 3. You should include examples of test data that you would include in a test bank and describe the situations that they are intended to cover.

           ? 4. You should also include evaluation strategies that detail how you will decide if your testing has worked.

System Controls: - an outline (2 4 pages) of the system controls that will be implemented in your new system. This should be an overview of all controls that you consider necessary; ranging from large-scale issues such as disaster/recovery planning, normal operations procedures, backup schedules and procedures as well as security techniques.

Implementation Plan Marking Guidelines

Solution Checklist and Recommendation 4 marks

Implementation Strategy . 3 marks

Testing Strategy .. 3 marks

System Controls .. 3 marks

Presentation, clarity of discussion .. 1 mark

Logic and evidence of research . 1 mark

Total 15 marks

Assessment 3 - Implementation Plan and Solution choice

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