Primary duty of location scout - Environment best suited for a scene

The primary duty of a location scout is to find an environment best suited for a particular scene,
or the entire movie, TV show, or commercial. The search begins with the script, which indicates
what kind of location is needed. The scouting of potential sites usually begins with a file search,
leading to physical visits to actual sites, whether exterior or interior. The location scout is
responsible for contacting property owners to gain permission to scout their property;
permission also must be obtained from the appropriate authorities to prevent the possibility of
trespassing or other legal liabilities that may occur. Once at a site, the scout makes descriptive
notes and sketches and takes detailed photos and video that shows how the spot meets the
aesthetic goals of the script, as well as noting details about the logistical implications of the site.
Successful location scouts are great communicators, networkers and negotiators.

? Take your favorite book from Journal1 and scout locations for the filming
(TV,Documentary, Film) of the story. Even if this has already been done (i.e. the book
was already made into a film) choose a NEW location for a remake of the film.

? Include a 1 paragraph synopsis of the book

? Next, prepare a Scouting report that addresses the following: overview of the location/s,
overall aesthetic of the location/s, potential financial cost to production for these
locations, logistics and feasibility of the locations, availability of electrical power,
available light, permits/permissions to use the location, parking facilities, catering
availability, housing availability & weather considerations.

? Your report should include some visual images and be approximately 2-3 pages in

? Don't forget to include the name and author of your book from Journal 1

? Your scouting report should also be addressed to the Director and/or Producer/s that you
would be preparing the report for.

Primary duty of location scout - Environment best suited for a scene

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