Information security awareness - Cyber security Awareness in Saudi Arabi

First Part.

This survey is part of my research project about "Cybersecurity Awareness in Saudi Arabi" The number of participants is 600 people.


The purpose of writing a survey report is to study a research topic thoroughly, and to summarize the existing studies in an organized manner. It is an important step to my research project as a saudi student in cybersecurity. Information security awareness will be conducted via a survey. Social media will be utilized to source respondents. The use of social media is warranted by its wide coverage and the fact that social networking platforms are both the most utilized form of internet use and the most vulnerable sites for cyberattacks.


·         Do a deeply analyze the survey and give your opinion in as cyber security expert. Use some screenshot to support your ideas.

·         Break the report up into separate sections with headings. Survey reports usually use headings for each section.

·         Write a 4-5-page executive summary paraphrasing the report.

State the objectives of the survey.

Provide background information by explaining similar research and studies.

·         Do not use other references just use survey file that upload it.

Second Part:

My brief summery in my proposal:

Cyber Crime law:

Saudi Anti-Cyber Crime law is very strict, partly because of the unconditional abidance to Sharia law. These crimes have been classified largely to accommodate the increased use of social media. Overall, Saudi cybercrime law is well-adjusted to handle the advent of the individual culture that is emerging due to social media.


Cybercrime penalties in Saudi Arabia are classified according to the seriousness of the fines. The penalties for social media-based crimes, for instance, are ordered as Group A, B, or C. The corresponding penalties are a one-year jail term or SAR 500,000 fine, a four-year jail term or SAR 3,000,000 fine, or a five-year jail term or 3,000,000 SAR fine respectively.


Cybercrime in Saudi Arabia is strikingly different from that in America. Saudi anti–cyber-crime law is influenced more by religious (Islamic) and social mores and local cultural institutions. American cybercrime is wider and more complex due to greater internet access and a broader moral and ethical base.


·        Write a 4-5-page executive summary.

·         Please do review and analyze Cyber Crime law and Penalties In Saudi Arabia and write deeply summary in it and give your opinion in it as cyber security expert.


·         Compare and contrast between Saudi Arabia and Cyber Crime law in and USA. Give your opinion in as cyber security expert.


Information security awareness - Cyber security Awareness in Saudi Arabi

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