Organizational problems - Sustainable business model

Choose a company that has failed to remain in business or is currently struggling. If the company is no longer in business, assume that they are still solvent, meaning: they have enough assets to cover their long-term debt, cash-flow, and profitability to operate for a period of time.

Alternatively, you may choose a company that is financially thriving, but may not have a sustainable business model. Write an Introduction to the paper, a company synopsis that summarizes the organizational problems and supply chain strategy gaps by addressing the factors/issues/concerns listed below.

1. Summarize the company\'s challenges by conducting research about the selected company and focusing on the following top-ten supply chain challenges:
a) Customer service
b) Cost control
c) Planning and risk management
d) Supplier/partner relationship management
e) Talent development
f) Globalization
g) Sustainability
h) Ethical conduct
i) Ineffective communication and leadership
j) Problematic system designs

2. Determine if the supply chain design of the company falls into either of the following strategic traps. Explain your rationale.
a) Physical \"traps\" such as big investments
in old systems that may prevent the
pursuit of more relevant concepts
b) Psychological \"traps\" that fixate on
what made the business initially
successful and fail to recognize the
potential of displacement from
c) Strategic \"traps\" that focus on the
present and fail to anticipate future

3. Based on the research, consider the entire supply chain and identify supply chain and operations strategy gaps in each department by addressing the following factors/issues/concerns:
a) What is the current state of the
b) What are best practices or benchmarks
from the industry?
c) What should the future state of the
business look like?
d) What are the gaps in the current

Organizational problems - Sustainable business model

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