International business excellence frameworks - In-depth analytical work

This in-depth analytical work will assess their skill to critically compare, synthesize and appraise three
different international business excellence frameworks:
1) Deming Prize
2) MBNQA-Malcolm
Baldrige National Quality Awards
3) EFQM European Business Excellence Award

Report Structure:
Table of content
1. Introduction: Background information, purpose of your research and an outline of the report.
2. Analysis: This part of report should exhaustively and clearly demonstrate a comparison
between three business excellence frameworks and awards.
a. History and emergence: When and why they are established, by which organizations they
are administered, the location, etc.
b. Model criteria: Comparison of the criteria of the award models/frameworks (similarities
and differences).
c. Categories and participation requirements: What the award categories are and what the
eligibility requirements are.
d. Critique: Critical analysis is essential, why they are similar/different. Your own opinion
regarding the frameworks/models.
3. Conclusion: Draw your conclusions based on both findings and results of your analysis.

The report should be typed and clearly laid out, preferably
 12-point font, 1 1/2 line spacing.
? Spell/grammar checked.
? The key to success is analysis: Why? So what and how? Not simple description of what
you have seen without thinking about it.
? It is essential that you conduct your analysis making explicit and acknowledged use of the
? There must be a bibliography and all references must be correctly cited

please find the attached Document

International business excellence frameworks - In-depth analytical work

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