APRN role - Current legislative action regarding the RN/LPN role

Consensus Model Discussion

For this discussion, students will explore legislation related to the APRN role.In addition, you will explore current legislative action regarding the RN/LPN role (multi-state licensure) with the expectation that should APRN compact licensure become a reality, the benefits would be comparable.

The original post and cross posts should provide reflection and meaning by describing thoughtfully what the idea means, uncovering new insights.

The initial and cross posts should be posted by the due dates allowing time for classmates to respond.The author should monitor their posts and respond to cross posts from other students.The online discussion should mimic a thoughtful classroom discussion.Therefore, the students should demonstrate promptness and initiative in posting and remain engaged throughout the discussion.

The presentation of the post should demonstrate a clear and concise writing style appropriate to graduate-level work, utilizing appropriate terminology.
Peer-reviewed references (meaning articles published in scholarly journals) should be your primary support in all posts and cited according to APA 7th edition formatting guidelines.

1Describe how barring APRNs from full practice authority affects (a) healthcare costs, (b) access to care, (c) delivery of care, and (d) quality of care.Discuss each required factor individually and support your conclusions with current research data and examples.

2Discuss several ways that the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) increases access to care while promoting public safety.(The connections you include are up to you, but since we deal with natural disaster often on the gulf coast, you may consider addressing this in your discussion.)Based on your research of boththe NLC and APRN compact licensure, what impact can we anticipate APRN compact licensure to make?This may include client care, education, or administrative perspectives.

3Discuss the status of implementation of the APRN Consensus Model in your home state.This section should include all of the following:

What titles are used for APRNs?Are all four APRN roles recognized in your state?If not, which roles are not recognized?
Is the term "licensure" used for APRN roles in your state?If not, what term(s) are used?
Is a graduate or post graduate degree required in your state to practice in an advanced practice role?
Is national certification required in your state to practice in an advanced practice role?
Do APRN roles allow for independent practice in your state?Not independent?No authority?
Do the APRN roles allow for independent prescribing in your state?Not independent?No authority?

4If you were responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of the consensus model, what outcomes would signify that the model is working as intended?To answer this question include and example of a (a) patient-based, (b) system-based, and (c) policy-based outcome that would guide your evaluation into your discussion.Provide support from the literature for each.See diagram in Required Resources for examples of each type of outcome.

5Identify and discuss legislation in your state legislature regarding the APRN role.

Is there legislation currently being proposed in your state legislature regarding the APRN role?Has there been previous state legislation that has failed?To find out, go to LegiScan (Links to an external site.) and search for current state legislation.Use search terms such as "nurse", "nursing", "APRN," etc.

Each student will submit an initial discussion post of approximately 750 words in the discussion.Support your discussion with at least 5 references, the majority of which should be peer-reviewed within the last 5 years.

No title page is required.

Use APA-style headings consistent with rubric order for initial post.

First person may be used.

APRN role - Current legislative action regarding the RN/LPN role

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