General environment - Recent environmental changes

These Questions need to be in APA format with a minimum of 2 articles sources for References at the end of each question; Can be from website. 185 words per question excluding in text citations.

To answer question 1) the instructor has asked that you explain what the general environment is; read the current news and identify trends in the general environment; recognize how those trends have the potential to impact specific industries; and, then discuss this in terms of the environment and strategic issues to show your knowledge of the course concepts.

I have also process the book if you need it as well in the other attachment.

Conduct online research on Google, including both company and non-company sources.

1. From a strategic perspective, discuss recent environmental changes that have caused strategic issues with which the company is dealing in real time, today.Information concerning recent changes in the firm is readily available online.

2. Identify Google’s corporate structure. How does it differ from structures in most organizations? Is Google’s organizational structure effective? Explain.

3. What challenges does Google’s organizational structure create for the company? How should these challenges be addressed? Be specific.

General environment - Recent environmental changes

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