Annotated Bibliography - Anatomy/physiology of an organ system

You will do an Annotated Bibliography based on an Anatomy or Physiology topic of your choosing. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to prepare you to do future research. You should approach this assignment as if you were going to use this information to guide a future research project.

You should have a specific hypothesis and research project in mind. Your research topic will be based on a topic related to the anatomy or physiology of an organ system we have covered in BIO 208.

Include 10 articles that pertain to the anatomy/physiology of your organ system and relate to your proposed hypothesis. Feel free to include articles from a wide range of time periods; do not feel restricted to the last two decades. You should have at least 10 articles.

The Annotated Bibliography should have the following:

1) An introduction to the topic, including a discussion of the research topic and/or hypothesis that you are preparing for with the annotated bibliography. (Approximately one page)

2) A conclusion that summarizes useful articles and general trends, theoretical frameworks, and “camps” within the literature on your subject. Be sure to include how this research specifically informs your proposed project. (Approximately one page)

3) The bibliography itself should contain a number of articles from a diverse group of sources.

The form an annotated bibliography should follow is the CBE format. It is identical to a normal bibliography followed by 1-2 paragraphs addressing the following questions:

1. What was the main purpose of the article?

2. On which theoretical framework were the authors relying?

3. What did the authors do (method)?

4. What did the authors conclude?

5. How does this article apply to your (hypothetical) research topic?

6. What is the value of this article? How does it compare to other articles on the topic?

7. Are there any problems/concerns with this article or its conclusions?

You should have a summary of the article, including answers to descriptive questions 1- 4. You should also include an evaluation, outlined in questions 5-7. Ultimately, you want to judge how each paper will aid and inform your research topic. The evaluation is

Annotated Bibliography - Anatomy/physiology of an organ system

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