Summative assessment - How state and federal agencies function and the services they provide

Module 10 Portfolio Assignment Research Paper
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The purpose of this summative assessment is to explain how state and federal agencies function and the services they provide.The following course outcome is addressed:

Describe the highly regulated industry of healthcare by discriminating between the intended functions of state and federal agencies and regulatory bodies such as HHS, licensing agencies, CMS, FDA, CDC, and NIH.

This is your summative (end of the Module) assessment for Module 8. Complete this Portfolio Assignment only after you have engaged with the learning materials, completed the Memory Checks, and finished the Critical Thinking Exercises in previous Modules.Your Tasks

Assume you are an investigative reporter and have been assigned the task of developing a 5-7-minute video segment for broadcast on 60 Minutes. The segment is to be a description of the highly regulated healthcare industry with a focus on the intended functions of state and federal agencies.

You will submit a video version of the segment.You should describe the intended functions of the agencies as well as the impact on the healthcare system if any. Impacts can be positive, such as greater safety or negative, such as unduly burdensome administrative requirements.

To conduct research for the segment, you should start with the website for each of the agencies listed below and review to determine how the agency views it’s intended function. Sections such as “About Us” and “Mission, Goals and Objectives” frequently contain useful information.Agencies to focus on are:CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

NIH National Institutes of Health
HHS S. Department of Health and Human Services
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
FDA Food and Drug Administration
State Medical Board of the state where you reside

Assignment Details
As you create the video segment and discuss intended functions, you should answer these questions:What does the agency do?
Who is the agency accountable to?
What value does the agency bring?
Is the agency’s function also performed in the private sector?

An example of this would be the services performed by Federal Express and UPS that duplicate services provided by the USPS.
Revise and Resubmit

Summative assessment - How state and federal agencies function and the services they provide

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