Ethnic Identity- How do you Identify Racially

Write an essay that answers the following questions: How do you identify racially? How did you come to identify racially in that way?

Do you have an ethnic identity? If so, what is it and what factors (experiences, for example) do you think led to your ethnic identity? Scholars assert that race and ethnicity are social constructions.

What do they mean by that assertion? Does thinking about race and ethnicity as social constructions challenge your racial/ethnic identity in any way? I identify racially as white and ethnically as Latino. I prefer to identify by my ethnicity as it describes me more than my race.

I just need major help with the last two or three questions and I can handle the personal questions. If you use a website as a source, the professor asks that you cite it using ASA's citation format.

Ethnic Identity- How do you Identify Racially

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