Do Herbicide Surfactants Have An Adverse Effect On Freshwater Snail Reproduction?


Freshwater snails and herbicide surfactants

Research question:

Do herbicide surfactants have an adverse effect on freshwater snail reproduction?

Perform acute and chronic toxicity tests with the surfactant POEA on the freshwater snail Lymnaea stagnalis (juvenile and adult snails)
Perform a hazard assessment of POEA to Lymnaea stagnalis by comparing the effect concentraitons (e.g., LC50ís, EC50s_ determined from the tests in Objective 1) to concentrations reported in the environment.
The first part of your research proposal also needs to contain a Justification section. It will be shorter than your Introduction. In your Justification, you will outline general and specific reasons that your proposed research is important, and therefore, should be funded. You want to focus on formulating a strong argument/justification with support from the literature or other citable documents. These are two important questions: Has this research been conducted before? Why should it matter if this research is conducted?

The first part of your research proposal will include the Introduction, Objectives and Justification for your proposal and should not exceed 4 pages (not including your reference list). Please include your research topic and question before your objectives. For all in-text citations follow the CSE-Style for referencing, specifically the Name-Year system. Information on the CSE reference style can be found in the library learning commons.Your proposal should be double spaced with continuous line numbering, have numbered pages, use 12 pt font (Times New Roman or Arial) and have 2.5 cm margins.

Quality and reliability of resources: Need your research question listed for context (not question addressed in paper).
Quality of annotations: Some annotations need more specific details (results, figures, how it connects to your research in your own words).
Bibliography: Some format inconsistencies.
Relevance of source: Great research, well sourced!
Grammar, punctuation and spelling: Some spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues.

feedback from my research question assignment
Interesting question! Make sure there is a realistic expectation of effect here. What is the mechanism by which chlorpyrifos will impact ph? Also, for your proposal, make sure your experiment tests what you're interested in. How does manipulation soil ph in 8 samples answer your question of how the pesticide impact ph? Is 14 years a reasonable time frame to test or get existing samples?

Do Herbicide Surfactants Have An Adverse Effect On Freshwater Snail Reproduction?

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