Events That Relates To A Cultural, Ethnic And Values

Attend one event that relates to a cultural, ethnic, value, or identity issue different from your own. You should spend at least 1 hour engaged in the activity/event. You are encouraged to attend an event with a group about which you have the MOST preconceived ideas, and a primary purpose of this assignment is to experience a culture different from your own. Past experiences may not be used for this assignment. Activities may include, but are not limited to, attending a religious service or spiritual celebration, attending a funeral of another religion, attending an event where another language is spoken, attending a meeting/workshop for a multicultural organization, attending an event focusing on gay/lesbian/transgender issues or participation in any other activity that may be related to a cultural, ethnic, value, or identity issue different from your own experiences.
After attending the event, write a 5-page reflection and address the following:

1. What group was selected and why did you select this particular group?

2. Prior to the event, what were you preconceived ideas about this group? Which of those preconceived ideas are now open to re-interpretation and why?

3. A description of the activity (name of the event, where and when it occurred,activities that occurred, length of time spent at the event) and your interaction with the other participants.

4. Your emotional reaction to the event. For example, did you feel uncomfortable?Were you included or excluded? If you felt included, what made you feel comfortable and included? If you felt excluded, what could have been done to make you feel included?

5. What have you learned about yourself and the group you selected now that the immersion is over? What will you do now to be ready to work with this future client?

6. How did participation in this event raise your awareness about ethics and diversity within counseling and human services? What did you learn from your participation in the event that you can use in your future work in counseling and human services?

writer, etc.) for all essays as well as other assignments in the MSHSV program. The department recommends this for all students as we encourage all contributions made in the course to have a strong connection with current research. We have found that the use of third person pronouns encourages this connection. Students are more than welcome to share person opinion as appropriate as outlined in an assignment as long as the contribution is supported by empirical concepts or resources.
Please be sure to avoid using internet sources such as Wikipedia or other web-based resources that do not have strong academic backing. You must use at least 3 scholarly sources. Plagiarism detection software will be used to scan each paper and any paper that is determined to have academic integrity issues will earn a score of 0 automatically

Went to a Bull Riding Event. - I am African American from NYC . It was an event that was out of comfort Zone.I went with a few friends that was Caucasian and from Texas, we are in the military together.Event was in North Carolina on a Private Farm .I selected the event because I always wanted to go to one . I watched a few movies and people seemed enjoy it.

Events That Relates To A Cultural, Ethnic And Values

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