Differences between Organizationís Culture and its Climate

Consider how the statements and actions of leaders and others within the organization support or demonstrate the organizational mission, vision, and values. In addition, note any apparent discrepancies between word and deed. Think about how this translates into expectations for direct service providers. Note any data or artifacts that seem to indicate whether behaviors within the organization are congruent with its mission, vision, and values.

Begin to examine and reflect on the culture and climate of the organization. How do culture and climate differ?

Why is it important for you, as a masterís-prepared nurse leader, to be cognizant of these matters?

Post a description of your selected organizationís mission, vision, and values. Describe relevant data, or artifacts, words, and actions of leaders and others in the organization that support, or perhaps appear to contradict the organizationís mission, vision, and values statement. In addition, discuss the organizationís culture and its climate, differentiating between the two.

Explain why examining these matters is significant to your role as a nurse leader.

Sample Paper Differences between Organizationís Culture and its Climate

Mission and values

††††††††††† Organization culture may be described as the values, beliefs, traditions and norms under which the organization is built. It develops over a long period of time and is shaped by the people in the organization and is difficult to change. [blur] It is basically the personality of the firm and can be attributed to the personal values of the founder or the practices of the management. On the other hand, the organizational climate could be described as the working atmosphere in the firm. [/blur]

[blur] Climate has to do with the general mood of the people in the organization. The climate is changes periodically due to factors such as change in rewards, leadership, and organization structure among others (Cox, 2010). As a masterís-prepared nurse leader, it is important to understand the difference in culture and climate of the organization. It helps in understanding that changing the organization culture is not an easy task but influencing the climate of the team is possible depending on how I lead them. [/blur]

††††††††††† [blur] I choose to describe the mission, vision and values of National Institute of Health (NIH). NIHís mission is to gather knowledge about nature and living organisms and use the acquired knowledge in enhancing health, controlling disease and lengthening life and the vision is to discover cure for diseases. NIH value is to maintain high level of scientific integrity and social accountability while conducting its operations. [/blur]

[blur] The testimony of the director to the senate about investing in a healthier future is a true reflection of the organizationís mission, vision and values. NIH is founded on a culture of clear communication and all the people in the organization believe that it the only means to overcome health literacy barriers (NIH, 2017). NIH maintains a favorable climate through continuous training and motivation of employees. Examining these factors is important to my role as a nurse leader because I get to know how I can influence the climate and culture of an organization in regard to its mission, vision and values (NIH, 2016.a). [/blur] †


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Differences between Organizationís Culture and its Climate

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