Discuss How You View the Blogging Wikiing Behavior And Content Of The Blog Wiki

Please find, read a blog or wiki article, and discuss how you view the blogging/ wikiing behavior and content of the blog/ wiki.

Sample Essay on Blogging Behavior

            [blur] A blog can be described as an informative online journal that provides information about a specific item. Blogging hence involves developing the blogs in areas of interest by the bloggers. The blogging behavior keeps on changing with time. This change is largely influenced by the dynamic intern technology as well as the competition among the blogs. [/blur]

[blur] Changes in the blogging behavior are aimed at improving the content and relevance of the blogs as well as improving the experience of the target audience when reading the blogs. Blogs are meant to provide basic and vital information at the simplest form. Wikiing on the other hand is similar to blogging and involves developing simplified online articles about specific areas of interest by the developer. Just like blogging, wikiing focus on providing catchy information about specific areas and focus on catching the full attention of the reader[1]. [/blur]

            [blur] In order to fully understand the bogging behavior and content, I read and reviewed a blog discussing the “reasons for eating healthy”[2]. I realized the size of the post was much more concise than an ordinary research article addressing the same topic. Blogs posts aim at delivering specific information through directly addressing the purpose outlined in the heading. Bloggers hence try to utilize the fewest words possible in addressing a specific topic. [/blur]

[blur] Blogs do not provide lengthy introductions as observed in research articles. For instance, in the healthy eating blog, the author does not provide lengthy introduction to the topic and only provides a brief background on the discussion topic. The total length of the blog article is approximately 1400 words with which the author has clearly reviewed all important facts about the discussion topic. The concise length of the article motivates the reader to read through the whole article. Bloggers understand that most internet users do not want to spend a lot of time on one site hence have to provide concise details for respective topics[3]. [/blur]

[blur] The content display in blogs also reveals another aspect of the blogging behavior. The text and graphics in blogs are perfectly aligned to improve the aesthetic of the article. Unlike in the research, news and scholarly articles, blogs are artistic in combining text and graphics. One or more pictures are representing the topic of the article are provided. These pictures are meant to aid better understanding through enabling the audience to relate the textual information to pictures. [/blur]

[blur] Recent social media research indicated that people have a high likelihood of reading and sharing articles with attractive text, pictures and graphics than posts with text only. Additionally, the text is designed in different front styles to improve aesthetics and show level of importance. For instance, critical points are written in bold letters. Paragraph development is also strategic to improve readership. Bloggers develop short paragraphs to give the readers an easy time reviewing the information[4]. [/blur]

[blur] Blogs have at tendency to copy content from other blogs or an already published research without making specific reference to the information source. For instance, in the “reasons for eating healthy” blog, the author has provided various facts about why people need to eat healthy foods but have no provided reference of the information source. It is apparent that the author did not conduct a primary research on the subject area but fails to accredit to the source of the information. [/blur]

[blur] This is a behavior with most blogs where the information is recycled from other blogs or summarized from other research articles. Finally, the content of the blog have low credibility due to lack of support evidence on the acclaimed information hence cannot be relied upon[5]. [/blur]

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[2] Lacie Glover. “ 6 Reasons for Eating Healthy”. (Feb 2016) https://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/health/medical-costs/benefits-of-eating-healthy/ (accessed January 23, 2017)

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Discuss How You View the Blogging Wikiing Behavior And Content Of The Blog Wiki

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