Sample Personal Statement on My Career as a Chief Finance Officer

Write two paragraphs on your career goal:
1. My career goal(s).
2.My plan to reach it (them).
(Please make up something that is business-related).

Sample Personal Statement on My Career as a Chief Finance Officer

I can confidently say that my passion lies in finance. My career goal is to be a CFO (chief Finance Officer) as I believe they are the only individuals that determine the progress that any institution make in reference to their investments.

[blur] My passion begun ever since I was young, as I was curious to learn how my parents got money especially since they seemed to choose when to buy me presents and when not to. As I grew, I realized that money was a scarce commodity and one had to always be keen on how they spent it. Later on in my teens, I realized that even as my parents would purchase items, they would opt for specific brands of items and on inquiring about this, they would advise that one has to know how to find value for money. [/blur]

[blur] I hope to achieve this dream by venturing into the different realms of finance beginning with learning the basics of accounting in CPA and finance through CFA and obtaining a degree in Finance. I also hope to update myself on the different course materials that will be available to me, while interacting with the different individuals in the field to learn the tricks that are applied in the CFA trade to enable me achieve this dream. [/blur]

[blur] Another avenue that I believe will provide me with invaluable insight is conducting reviews of different institutions that may have collapsed due to the failure of the CFOs in those institutions to make the right investment decisions. Most of the scandals in the modern world have been cited to be as a result of poor decision making in reference to investments by the finance officers and I do not hope to become a failure by making such mistakes. [/blur]

Sample Personal Statement on My Career as a Chief Finance Officer

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