Assess the Effectiveness of The Training - Examine Trends and Issues in Assessment of Adult Learners

This assignment is a continuation of the Scenario Activity for developing a training Proposal

Before you start you will need to:
•Define the type of organization (corporate, non-profit, education institution, etc.) you will use for your assignment. Assume that:
?The new organization has a headquarters location and a few other office locations that require at least a few hours travel to reach. (If you want to bring everyone in for a meeting, they will incur travel expenses and require overnight accommodations.)
?Your offices have conference rooms but do not have computer labs.
?Employees have their own work laptops and all organization locations have adequate Wi-Fi.
•Research your COTS products.
?Find out what training is available for each of them. Many COTS companies offer training on their products and there are many third-party vendors that offer training.
?Determine an estimated time for each of the three (3) training – the welcome and two (2) COTS products.
•Research the time it takes to develop custom training for both classroom and online.
?There are many different formulas for this information. You will need to find one and be able to justify it in your proposal.

?Consider at least three (3) types of training delivery:
?In-person classroom training.
?Synchronous virtual training, such as through a web conferencing system.
?Asynchronous virtual training, such as “canned” online modules.

When considering training alternatives, you can assume that your training department capabilities are:
•Basic webcast capabilities including some simple microphones, a decent digital video camera, and web conferencing software like WebEx or GoTo Meeting. You do not have a dedicated webcast studio or production studio.
•COTS instructional design packages like Articulate and Storyline.
•Minimal graphics budget – mainly stock art and what you can do with PhotoShop.
•A basic LMS for hosting online training and tracking student progress.
•You all have MS Office suite.

For this assignment, you will write a three to five (3-5) page paper giving an overview of your organization, the training goals, and how you will assess the effectiveness of the training.
•Description of your organization, the employees, and the stakeholders. Include in your description:
?Target audience for the education program in this section.
?Stakeholders for this education program.
?Organizational goals.
•Goals for each training program (e.g., do you want employees simply to know the information, be able to demonstrate specific skills, become proficient with new software, etc.).
•Map training goals to the organizational goals.
•Describe the assessment method for each training program.
•Cite at least two (2) quality references from the past two (2) years.
?Include as much real-world information as possible on the COTS products and other products as they pertain to your proposal.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
•Examine trends and issues in assessment of adult learners.
•Analyze models used for assessment.

Evaluate an assessment tool, with at least one authentic assessment technique, for adult learners

Assess the Effectiveness of The Training - Examine Trends and Issues in Assessment of Adult Learners

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