Movie Review Using 5 aspects of Cinema Style Editing Light/Cinematography Sound Mise En Scene

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Please watch 3 short films. For each film you will produce a cogent discussion of the following 5 aspects of Cinema:
1. Style
2. Editing
3. Light/Cinematography
4. Sound
5. Mise En Scene

The Films are as Follows

  1. Boniato | Eric Mainade and The Meza Bros, 2015

Short Film Analysis First Movie: Boniato (Short Film)


[blur] In the film Boniato, a Short Film, which is a horror and action drama narrative film, the writer, has managed to highlight the cause and effect chronology. The style adopted guides the movie to adorn different aspects such as development of the plot from being a narrative to horror. The movie is based on pure imagination, which guides the different episodes and scene. [/blur]


[blur] The editing has accommodated for the continuity system by using the match cuts, which show a transition between the different elements. The storyline adds up to this requirement since it is done in different times of the day. The movie has accommodated this to allow the reader follow the story and to relate to the different scenes. [/blur]

[blur] In the first part of the film, the writer has focused on the day which means a high level of visibility, but as the film continues and its night, the light reduces. The camera focus also changes from deep to shallow. The film speed also increases which denies the viewer the chance to have a clear view of the events. Canted framing has been adopted especially in the action scene to enable the viewer to follow the storyline. [/blur]

[blur] Synchronous sound has been extensively applied especially considering this film has a lot of action. Music has also been incorporated in the background of the movie, but in the action scene it tends to be more aggressive allowing the viewer to feel the tension of the episode. [/blur]

Mise En Scene

[blur] The setting of the film has been done in such a way that it allows one to feel it was created around the Latin America. It highlights individuals that are struggling to make ends meet in the farm. The costume that is adorned by the characters also makes it possible for one to tell this. [/blur]

2. PRESTON (2016)

PRESTON (2016) from ISART DIGITAL on Vimeo.

Second Movie: PRESTON (2016)


Preston is an animation that is set up to show concurrent scenes with only one action. The storyline is set up in such a way that one gets to understand what the film intends to display once it is over.

[blur] Being that it is an imaginary film where one character views their actions differently, the style and approach of developing this film is unique. [/blur]

[blur] Editing has been done extensively considering this is an animation and the characters that are created need to play the part. The story does not include the characters talking which means the editing of their actions has to be done in such a way that the reader can follow the activities of the story. The camera shorts have accommodated for rhythm relationships and the eye line match.

[blur] This film allows one to view the transition of the different elements of focus in the context of imagination. Light and the transition of actions in the camera has been extensively done to allow the viewer to comprehend the different actions and the thought processing that is done by the character in his head. The following shot/ reframing has been extensively applied to show the action of the character [/blur]

[blur] Being that the storyline focuses on classical music, from the start point to the last, the actor plays the different notes with intensity increasing to show his imagination. As his imagination progresses and action intensifies, the musical notes also rise in harmony with the action to display the heightened tensions. As the film ends, this sound of the music gradually disappears. [/blur]

Mise En Scene

  [blur] The setting of the film is done to highlight an opera, although this becomes clear once the film ends. In the mind of the main character, he views the play as a fighting stage or arena where the boxers fight and in the end they knock each other out. [/blur]

3. Monsters

Monsters from Steve Desmond on Vimeo.

Third Movie; Monsters


The Film monsters is a horror based narrative setup in a family setting in a bid to protect one of their own. The plot is also based on a narrative story


[blur] Editing has been done in such a way that it facilitates for the rhythmic relationships. Continuity editing has also been accommodated with special focus being on the main character Jean. The idea of editing is to show the thought process that she adopts challenging what she has been told. [/blur]

[blur] In the basement of her fatherís house, the room seems to be a bit dark, but on leaving the house, there is a difference in the lighting system. The choice of the camera shots that are used once she leaves the house and while she is in the basement also change to allow the viewer to have an overall understanding of the world around her. The panning and tilting of the shots has also been done in such a way that as the scenes change, the viewer can tell the differences. [/blur]

[blur] Sound has also been used in the film. It almost guides one to tell the decision making process of the character. Much of it exists as music in the background, but as the film progresses, it becomes much more audible. [/blur]

Mise En Scene

  [blur] Being that the movie is set up in the basement of a house, it allows one to tell the state that Jeans family hopes to highlight to her to make her believe her story. Even the food, the costume in the basement facilities are all in a state to signify a struggle, however, on leaving the basement she sees a different light. [/blur]

Movie Review Using 5 aspects of Cinema Style Editing Light/Cinematography Sound Mise En Scene

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