Lumetís chapter Review on Sound and Music

What insights did you gain reading Lumetís chapter on Sound and Music?

Describe and discuss the role Music/Sound plays as asserted by Lumet. Is his discussion of Sound/Music different from what you thought?

How does Music/Sound serve the story?

Expound upon/Discuss this particular passage:

"Music, clearly one of our greatest art forms, must be subjugated to the needs of the picture. That's the nature of movie making. Even though it may take over completely at certain points, its function is primarily supportive..."

Sample Lumetís chapter Review on Sound and Music


††††††††††† [blur] Lumetís chapter on sound and music expanded my knowledge on the importance of music and sound in movies. I knew that that music made the film feel good but I did not have an idea on how sound and music were used in story development as explained by Lumet. I also learnt that it is very important to know where to position particular music in the movie else it will not add any value to the story. I also learnt that not all sounds are necessary to add in a film. Some are obvious clichťs which should be avoided such as ďa dog barking at nightĒ[1]. [/blur]

[blur] Lumet asserted that music and sounds plays an important role in story development. Music and sound also serve in enhancing understanding the scene by the audience. For instance, Lumet had aspired for a particular scene to be totally quite but was disappointed by the editor since he had added the sound of a fly. The editor explained that the sound a fly depicted that the scene was dead silent[2]. [/blur]

[blur] Music and sounds serves the story in a film by creating an emotional connection with the audience. When relevant sound or music is placed in a relevant scene, it enables the audience to better understand the scene. It also allows the story to deliver the intended purpose where the type of sound or music reinforces the picture. [/blur]

[blur] For instance, two people looking at each other could be interpreted to mean many things but when a romantic music is played the audience know they are romantic. The passage asserts that music is a piece of art that holds a high place in the society and should hence be utilized to the benefit of the film. The author indicates that music helps in development of the story but may at times override its purpose in the film. [/blur]


Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. New York: Vintage eBooks, 2010.

[1] Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. New York: Vintage eBooks, 2010.

[2] Ibid

Lumetís chapter Review on Sound and Music

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