Lumetís Chapter Review on Production

What insights did you gain reading Lumetís chapter on Production?

Describe and discuss the stages for production and the need for collaboration.

Expound upon/Discuss this particular passage:

"The ride to the studio is uneventful and quiet. Andrezej reads the newspaper, Burtt doezes, I study my script and think. The driver knows I don't like conversation or the radio. What we're doing matters. I needs concentration. Last night I thought of a camera move during Eric's speech. That means when I turn around to shoot Melanie's side, I'll need a different wall put back up. I tell Burtt. He mumbles, "Gotcha," and I know it will be done."

Please cite your text/book. Include short quotations to clarify and support your thoughts.

Sample Paper on Lumetís chapter on Production


††††††††††† Lumetís chapter on production is insightful as it provides the leader with information on what film production involves. [blur] From the chapter, I learnt that film production involves a lot of work and critical thinking skills. To succeed in film production, one requires utter dedication to the work. [/blur]

[blur] I also learnt that approaching the film with a free and open mind allows one to deliver what is expected of them. Lumet advices on waking up early and rehearsing on areas of competence ďwake up early and go through motions that you are used toĒ[1]. I also learnt a lot from the authorís explanation on lighting. Lumet state that lighting takes a lot of time and would take up to seven hours depending on the specifications. I also got to learn that capturing an action and emotion requires skilfulness as Lumet describes[2]. [/blur]

[blur] The initial step in production involves planning the shots. During this phase, the producer and director must work together to establish the style they should adopt to make the film as well as planning daily activities for the filmmaking process. This allows the produce to know the approximate timeline for film production. [/blur]

[blur] The next step involves collecting problems where most likely problems are identified in advance. This counts in smooth shooting and production of film with few anticipated problems. After the identification and completion of these steps actual film production follows. Collaboration provides a joint effort in production of the film through supporting each other in their duties and ensures successful film production. [/blur]

[blur] The passage tries to show that the speaker does not like being disturbed when he is reflecting on something. He does not entertain any distraction through speech or radio and rather to concentrate and focus in what he is thinking about. In the moment described by the passage, the speaker was studying a script. Being quite and concentrating enables him to figure out something important. [/blur]

[1] Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. (New York: Vintage eBooks, 2010).

[2] Ibid

Lumetís Chapter Review on Production

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