Sample Film Analysis - Kingsman the Secret Service Review

Film Analysis

The film analysis is designed to be a short essay, which allows you to apply the concepts youíve
learned throughout the course in an effort to construct a cogent discussion of any film.
The essay should be no longer than 600 words (2 double spaced pages). These words should NOT
summarize the plot / story of the film, except where it is necessary to make your examples clear. Devote your limited words to ANALYZING the film.
In your analysis, you need to address the following questions:
What is the filmís goal?
How well has the goal been accomplished?
What are the primary conflicts in the movie? (the protagonistís wants and needs)
How do they contribute to the movieís goal / meaning?
How was Mise En Scene, Color, Editing/pacing, Tone, and Sound employed?
What does the story simulate you to think about?
Your essay should incorporate discussion of technical issues related to film.
issues such as:
1) mise-en-scene
2) music
3) lighting / color
4) acting / casting
5) sets / costume
These technical issues are not to be covered in a separate paragraph, but integrated into your
general discussion.

Sample Film Analysis - Kingsman the Secret Service Review

[blur] Kingsman the Secret Service 2014 movie is a British based action spy comedy movie, whose plot is based on a young street kid who is recruited by an anonymously operating spy organization. The goal of the film is to portray how the actions of any individual who is willing to participate on a worth course can be achieved if they focus on the task at hand and resolve one problem at a time. [/blur]

[blur] The movie has achieved this by showing some of the challenges that the characters under go, and how they resolve them. One of the main character who was street bred and who had been arrested for minor offenses participates in alleviating a potential global threat. [/blur]

[blur] The idea of the antagonist is that the world population can be culled or reduced as he feels the world is full and the resources available are minimal. However, the protagonist is of the idea that no one can be the monopoly to determine who will be culled and who will not. In this quest, each of the two side of the story seeks to find a way to achieve their objective making the story quite interesting to watch. [/blur]

[blur] The existence of these two sides of the story creates an interesting twist of events. On one hand lies a person who believes to make the world better place, he has to kill people and he has just the right technology to do so. On the other is person who believes the world will relieve itself. [/blur]

[blur] The choice of the setting for scenes has also been carefully selected to accommodate to the themes that the movie hopes to highlight. The technology, the choice of characters and the preceding events to an episode are easily comprehensible and understandable depending on the settings under which they were employed. [/blur]

[blur] Other aspects that have been incorporated to make the movie much more appealing are color depending on the circumstances, music depending on the actions of the characters and the tone of the characters. Being a British based movie one would expect that most of the main characters adorn the British accent. Alongside to the characters with the British accent are other characters that have their own accent. This portrays the diversity in Britain. [/blur]

[blur] In setting up the pace for the film, one can tell that the editor the film considered both the wide and long shots and the static and moving shots. For example, In scenes where there was action between the protagonist and other characters, the editor seemed to incorporate the aspect of short shots to allow the viewer to feel the heightened tension. The transition of images from one episode to another was so well done with the rise in tension in different scene almost picking up on the same pace. The dressing of the actors also matches to the occasions and the settings which they attend. As one of the main characters tells the other, blending is key, and there is no better way to achieve this that than to wear such a costume. [/blur]

[blur] The idea that is presented in Lumetís reading that there is often another star other than the staring actors is visible. The camera was very well applied to display not just the moods of the characters, but also their moves and actions. The plot is based on the convention plot of the struggles of the good guy taking out the bad guy, but for it to achieve its purpose, it has incorporated technology extensively which is a new aspect that makes the story unique. [/blur]

Sample Film Analysis - Kingsman the Secret Service Review

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