Film Analysis- Focus 2015 Summary and Technical Film Analysis

Your essay should incorporate discussion of technical issues related to film.
issues such as:
1) mise-en-scene
2) music
3) lighting / color
4) acting / casting
5) sets / costume

Focus 2015 is a romantic and a crime based educative drama comedy. The film is created under the storyline of a con man Nicky who uses various techniques to dupe different characters to his wit.

[blur] Different settings are developed in the movie to portray the different instances when Nicky is undertaking his cons. Alongside to Nicky are other characters who are cons such as Jess and his father Bucky. Other players support Nicky in his endeavor. The film achieves to highlight the wit of the character and repercussions of being a con.

[blur] The goal of the films has been well achieved by bridging the gap between being an entertainer and educative to individuals on the theme crime does not pay. Another major theme pegged to the story is the idea of not to lose focus and the film manages to show that however cautious an individual may be there are faults that one cannot avoid as it is human nature to have flaws. [/blur]

[blur] Being a con, Nickyís agenda is to make as much money as possible. In the process, he may secure jobs for other people and end up making more money than the individuals that are working. This earns him more enemies and creating conflicts with other characters that are in the story who figure out his doing. [/blur]

[blur] Being boxed by enemies to a corner often makes Nicky realizes the essence of friendship and finds meaning to his life. He struggles to make amends and in the process leads him to be shot by his father. The drama of making amends with the enemies is part of what makes the story interesting and educative at the same time. [/blur]

[blur] The arrangement in different scenes or what is known as the mise-en-scene has been well chosen in this movie to accommodate for the background history of the characters. The choice of the characters has also complied with the choice of scenes, allowing one to recognize the transition that is being created to develop the story line. [/blur]

[blur] In line with the setting, the choice of color has also been very carefully executed in different parts of the movie to enable the viewer to comprehend the actions of the character. In one of the scenes, color has been carefully selected to dupe some characters into agreeing with the idea of the con, not being aware that they had been pre programmed. [/blur]

[blur] The scene with the character Tse; a Chinese show how color can be used to bled in and dupe someone into making a decision. Alongside to color is the use of lighting to create a better view of what was taking place. Lighting plays an essential role in allowing the viewer to understand the different scenes and the predictability of the actions of the character. In a way, light also allows one to relate to the fact that these cons happen everywhere every day and they could be part of our day-to-day activities. [/blur]

[blur] Music has also been extensively applied depending on the scenes and the part of the plot. Chinese music has been carefully executed to manipulate Tse in his decision-making. Music has also been used to exemplify the theme, in scenes that have tension and action, the choice of music in background is in line with the mood in that part of the plot. [/blur]

[blur] The characters are also very well chosen and effective in their undertaking. They make decision on the need to know basis as Jess has in different scenes shown. Each of the character that is chosen to undertake a certain part of the plot does so well and adorns the costume that is in line with the theme that they would like to display. Official Casual dressing is a balanced component that these characters incorporate to influence other characters in their personality and to allow the viewer comprehend the importance of dressing for the occasion. [/blur]

[blur] The story challenges my idea of developing a plot that is based on basic day-to-day challenges that human endure and finding way to make it captivating though creating a mix different setting and finding the right characters who can get the attention of the viewer. [/blur]

Film Analysis- Focus 2015 Summary and Technical Film Analysis

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