Writing a Film Analysis - Incorporate Mise En Scene, Color, Editing/pacing, Tone, and Sound employed

The film analysis is designed to be a short essay, which allows you to apply the concepts you’ve 
learned throughout the course in an effort to construct a cogent discussion of any film. 
The essay should be no longer than 600 words (2 double spaced pages). These words should NOT summarize the plot / story of the film, except where it is necessary to make your examples clear. Devote your limited words to ANALYZING the film. 
In your film analysis, you need to address the following questions
•What is the film’s goal? 
•How well has the goal been accomplished? 
•What are the primary conflicts in the movie? (the protagonist’s wants and needs)
•How do they contribute to the movie’s goal / meaning? 
•How was Mise En Scene, Color, Editing/pacing, Tone, and Sound employed?
•What does the story 
simulate you to think about? 
Your essay should incorporate discussion of technical issues related to film.
issues such as: 
1) mise-en-scene 
2) music 
3) lighting / color 
4) acting / casting 
5) sets / costume
These technical issues are not to be covered in a separate paragraph, but integrated into your 
general discussion

This is a continuation essay which builds up on previous tasks of Lumets Chapter on actors, Lumets chapter on style and execution of camera shots.

Sample Paper of a Film Analysis Fast and Furious 7

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Fast and Furious 7 movie is a crime based action thriller movie. Its plot is crime based and it shows the ability of the staring actors to single highhandedly take out criminals off the streets. [blur] In the seven movie of the series Fast and Furious, the groups goal is to take out Owen show (a brother who seeks to avenge the death of his younger brother) and to prevent mercenaries from taking up an information technology system that is capable of controlling most systems and monitor people all around the world. [/blur]

[blur] The film manages to display the ability of the actors to take down the criminals by relying on their street nurtured skills. The movie portrays the importance of family, which is the bond that the protagonist actors rely on in undertaking of this endeavor. [/blur]

[blur] The movie portrays family as an important bond and despite the external forces such as the killing of other members of the team and the existence of other enemies that would like to have them killed and separated; the actors manage to develop a lasting bond, which they rely on to take down major criminals. [/blur]

[blur] What is quite interesting in the movie is the idealism of finding individuals that are willing to break the law to attain that which they set onto. Any laws around the world may not quite advocate for their methods, but the actors try their best to find a way around them and resolve the crime. [/blur]

[blur] Another interesting feature that the movie has considered is the setting of the movie in such a way that it is in line with the theme that is being presented. Different places have been chosen from streets in Brazil to America, and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates. The costumes that they would adorn were also in sync with the setting and the theme that they wanted to be showcased. Being a street based movie, most of their clothing were casual jeans and T-shirts, but being in Abu Dhabi, the actors had to opt for an official night out clothing. I would say that the mise-en-scene in section was quite visible and easily identifiable. [/blur]

[blur] Other aspects that the movie has considered to create an illusion of realism are the incorporation of music in different scenes to show the moods of the actors and the likely predicament of what is happening in a particular instance. For example, when the actors had a somber mood in memory of one their previous counterpart, a song that is quite compelling was played and one can tell from the words of the song that actors have a feel for him. Lighting was also very well done in different setting allowing the cast to show some form of realism and that in deed they were acting in different times of the day. Actors would also show their skills not just in saying the words, but also with the acting part. They were quite convincing especially in instances where love and mourning were involved. I got the feeling that the movie was in reality. [/blur]

[blur] Watching this movie gives one the idea that indeed it is possible to develop a movie and be able to display positive ideas. The movie portrays the essence of morals and upholding societal ideas and despite the failure by the protagonists to rely on the laws; they still manage to show that an individual can be a good citizen and serve their country to solving crimes. [/blur]

Writing a Film Analysis - Incorporate Mise En Scene, Color, Editing/pacing, Tone, and Sound employed

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