Briefly Discuss What is a Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Briefly discuss what is a database management systems (DBMS)

Solution 1 Database Management Systems

[blur] The purpose of a Database management system (DBMS) is to use a set of programs to provide users with tools to add, delete, access, and analyze data stored in one location. This data can be accessed by an organization by using query and reporting tools that are a part of the DBMS or by using application programs that are specifically written to access the data. [/blur]

[blur] DBMSs are also known to provide the mechanisms for maintaining the integrity of stored data, managing security and user access, and recovering information if the system fails. This system should be carefully managed because it is very essential to all areas of a business. [/blur]

Solution 2 Database Management Systems

[blur] A database is a platform or rather a program created to support and manage large tracks of data that relates. A database management system houses all information just as an individual may require by finding similar features that are related to a specific attribute. [/blur]

[blur] For example, in a company an employee information such as their birthday, ranks, years of employment, salary an any other information are set to be attributable to an employee. As a program, a database can be used to house different categories of data from the customers to employees. This data facilitates for quick decision-making and to understand ones position. [/blur]

Briefly Discuss What is a Database Management Systems (DBMS)

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