Discuss How Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Smart Site Solution Is A Strategic Information System For Johnny’s Lunch In The Supplemental Case

Discuss how Pitney Bowes Map Info Smart Site solution is a strategic information system for Johnny’s Lunch in the supplemental case. 

Solution 1 of Strategic Information System

[blur] Pitney Bowes MapInfo Smart Site solution was a very strategic information system for Johnny’s Lunch to use. Since they wanted Johnny’s Lunch to have a friendly environment, where everyone knows your name, they didn’t have much success in expanding their business. However after implementing this system, they were able to expand Johnny’s Lunch nationally successfully. This system helped identify a geographic expansion strategy. [/blur]

[blur] For inputs into the analysis, Pitney Bowes combined the strategy of Johnny’s Lunch, customer interview data from the only Johnny’s Lunch restaurant, and the assumptions and experience gathered from other restaurants in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category. Along with this, MapInfo’s Smart Site Solution is able to pinpoint potential markets with the use of analytics technology, and  identify the sites within a market that will help maximize sales. [/blur]

[blur] This information system has the ability to look into any intersection in the nation and quantify the demand at that location. Map Info helps Johnny’s Lunch find the most meaningful areas of the country in order for the management to understand the level of competition, demographics, characteristics, and attributes of the locations in which they are looking into. [/blur]

Solution 2 of Strategic Information System

[blur] The map Info smart site solution by Pitney Bowes falls in line with the role of IT towards creating a platform of anticipating an organization needs much quickly and aggressively. In the case, one of the benefit that has been cited to have been the product of adopting the new IT strategy is the ability to anticipate Geographic needs hence allowing to fashion a new approach to the geographic expansion strategy. [/blur]

[blur] Another feature that is quite notable is ability of the technology to conduct analytics that allow an organization to find ways to venture into new potential market avenues hence making it possible to maximize on sales and in turn on profits. This is because the system has been fashioned in a way that it can understand the demographics of the customers and find features that are similar in a market thus making it easy for the organization to effectively identify these needs. For example, demand anticipation, which is crucial feature to any business, is part of what this new system is able to anticipate. Lastly, the system provides a platform to gain feedback from customers, which is a crucial aspect towards creating a future market strategy. [/blur]

Discuss How Pitney Bowes Mapinfo Smart Site Solution Is A Strategic Information System For Johnny’s Lunch In The Supplemental Case

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