Lumetís Readings: Making Movies - Reviewing Actors

1.What insights did you gain reading Lumetís chapter on Actors?

2.Describe and discuss the role Actors plays as asserted by Lumet. Is his discussion of Acting/Actors different from what you thought an actor contributes?

3.How do Actors serve or disrupt the story?

4.Expound upon/Discuss this particular passage:

""Sidney," she said, "Ive gone to rushes of practically every picture I've ever made. But I won't be coming to these rushes. I can see how you work. I know Boris's work. You're both dead honest. You can't protect me. If I go to the rushes, all that I'll see is this" --- and she reached under her chin and pinched the slightly sagging flesh-- "and this-- she did the same thing under her arms -- "and I need all my strength and concentration to just play the part." Tears sprang to my eyes..."

Sample Response article to Lumetís chapter on Actors

Learnt Insights

            Lumetís chapter Actors in the book the Making of Movies opens one to the reality that movies are not just the script that the actor has to read. He clarifies that the ability of the actors to use feelings and thoughts in their acts is what makes the movie interesting. [blur] He says, ďthe talent of acting is one in which the actors thoughts are communicated.Ē In the whole chapter the writers has given insight on how the characters achieve this.[1] [/blur]

Roles of the Actors

[blur] The role of characters has also been explained in the chapter as to be instilling confidence though being aware of the ideas that one would like to communicate. Actors have been portrayed to be the connection node with the audience through the manner in which they communicate in the movie. As the article further explains, the script is just an extension to the characters and they should never really worry about the words if they know how to interact [/blur]

Actors in Disrupt the Story

            [blur] Actors make the story or break it. As the book explains, whatever they do they have to understand the intricacies of the story that they are about to make, and what would be appealing to the audience. Any form of emotions must be well shown lest the storyís meaning fails to be clear. In the book, the writer explains how directors have to argue at times with the actors to urge them to understand what is expected of them. He says, ďI told him his characterization was living but hadnít evolved yetÖĒ[2] [/blur]


††††††††††† [blur] The writer explains how at times acting is full of challenges since the actors are not aware of what they are expected to do and the challenges of the directors are to ensure the full message of the story has been well clarified and understood. In this part of the story, the writer was surprised the actor new much more of what he was required to do. [/blur]


Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. Vintage, 2010.

[1]Lumet, Sidney. Making movies. Vintage, 2010.

[2] ibid

Lumetís Readings: Making Movies - Reviewing Actors

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