Principles of Productivity Management

The Final Project for this course provides you the opportunity to imagine yourself as the new manager of a healthcare unit. Your challenge is to translate theoretical and conceptual precepts of creating organizational value into practical interventions through your transformation leadership style.

The writers wrote 2 different papers that I will be attaching please review those to write the paper for this week:
This week's instructions: continuing with the paper submitted in Module A & B, write a two-page analysis of the following:

Considering that your unit has a mix of staff, provide examples of how you plan to utilize the five basic Principles of Productivity management in your unit.

Describe how you would differentiate between the two types of labor hours that are typically used in hospitals.

Outline how you would explain at a monthly staff meeting that productivity needs to increase since the current budget did not allow for hiring of additional nursing staff. What might you consider as part of this discussion?

Principles of Productivity Management

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