IT Infrastructure for an Educational Institution

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Option #2:  IT Infrastructure for an Educational Institution

For the Portfolio Project, you will have one of two projects from which to choose. For Option #2, you have been hired as an IT manager for a new campus to set up the IT infrastructure over a six- month period in four phases. An educational institution is setting up a new campus which will house classrooms, offices, a library, a student lounge, registrar’s office, and an academic support center for students.

You will incorporate Phases 1-2 in your Portfolio Project as a technological proposal. These are due in modules 3 and 6 respectively. Phases 1-2 serve as the basis of the project deliverable section in the technological proposal, which you will submit as a full project (Phase 3) in Module 8.

Keep in mind that you will update the project deliverable section as you complete different phases.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

In Phase 3 you will include revisions based on feedback from your instructor and you will incorporate what you have learned throughout the term. Your technological proposal should include the following: 

The Portfolio Project should meet the following requirements:

Refer to the Portfolio Project rubric for information on grading. The grading rubrics for phases 1 and 2 can be found in the the Portfolio Milestone assignments.

IT Infrastructure for an Educational Institution

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