Structural Brain Changes Behavior Aging Adult

A man Visualizing Neuro Networks at Work

Answer the 2 of the following questions. Please be detailed in your response using 250 words.State your question before your answer.

Chapter 2: 2: Neuroscience as a Basis for Adult Development and Aging; 2.1 The Neuroscience Approach; 2.2 Neuroscience and Adult Development and Aging; 2.3 Making Sense of Neuroscience Research: Explaining Changes in Brain-Behavior Relations; 2.4 Plasticity and the Aging Brain; Summary; Review Questions Integrating Concepts in Development

1-Please describe the basic structures and organization in the brain.
2-What do age-related structural brain changes mean for behavior in an aging adult? Please include topics such as executive functioning, memory, and emotion.
3-Please describe neural plasticity.
4-What impact does exercise and nutrition have on the aging brain? Please describe.

Required Texts: please answer 2 questions each question 250 words from the book chapter 2

Blanchard-Fields, Fredda & Cavanaugh, John. Adult Development and Aging, (8th.ed.) Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. (2018). ISBN-13:978-1-285-44491-8 Can be purchased at the Bay Path College bookstore or online. (You may purchase the newer edition as well)

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (6th.ed.) Washington, DC. ISBN: 13:978-1-4338-0561-5.Can be purchased at the Bay Path College bookstore or online.

Structural Brain Changes Behavior Aging Adult

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