Google Company - Mission, Objectives Goals, Strategy

This review looks at google company from the perspective of mission and goals, Its focus vision, its mission statement, Its model of operations, Its perceived long term objectives, its differentiating element, Its unique abilities, Firm’s Support Activities, Primary Activities, National and International Business Environments, Formulated multinational or global strategies, Formulated corporate level strategies, Formulated business level strategies, and Formulate department level strategies.

We have previously handled other types of writing on bridging the media Gap and Development of artificial intelligence which is one area where Google has committed its effort.

Stage 1: Identify Company Mission and Goals

Google is a privately owned business whose main focus is to rank websites based on its algorithm. The focus of the company has always been increase visibility of all websites based on the relevance and their industry of focus (Google Inc.).

The main Objectives of Google are to provide the best search results, maximize user experience, and eliminate low quality of information

Outline Questions:

  1. What is the focus/vision?

Googles main point of focus is based on allowing users to access only that content that they looking for

The mission statement of the company is aimed at organising the information around the world hence making accessible and useful to the different individuals around the globe.

[blur] Google’s model of service delivery is based on trust. The algorithm only ranks the information that it feels to be worthy providing information to the client not on the basis of a company’s goals, the marketing targets set or where a business claims to be offering its services (Google Inc.). [/blur]

[blur] The company’s is based on the differentiated practise where it allows the customers to shape the model of its algorithm which in turn allows them to have results on the queries that they may have made on the search engine [/blur]

[blur] Googles tool of differentiation is the focus on content rather than visual clutter. The company believes that if they can deliver the right content in form of queries then they would be able to make more margins compared to any other companies in the same lie of business (Google Inc.). [/blur]

[blur] The main goals of the company are improving information access to all the people around the world by making possible for them to find the content that they want soonest possible (Google Inc.). [/blur]

[blur] The company hopes to increase its market access by developing more technologies such as the driverless car hence influencing connectedness and access to information. They hope to achieve these goals by involving all the people in different parts of the world. [/blur]

[blur] The company’s greatest achievement has been to be the market leader all around the world in facilitating users to access content in the way that they feel best [/blur]

Stage 2: Identify Core Competency and Value - Creating Activities

[blur] Googles unique abilities lie in being able to fit within its niche and have a unique algorithm that none of the competitors in the market has ever been able to develop. [/blur]

[blur] The first man support activities are developing applications and technologies that facilitate accessibility for free hence allowing every individual around the world to have the capacity to access their systems whenever they may be. [/blur]

[blur] The firm’s primary activities are providing mailing and information access services, developing smartphone based technologies, business oriented technologies, and intelligent systems which may be used by individuals in their day today activities whether in connecting with other people or accessing information. [/blur]

[blur] In the international environment, google has been able to access different countries all around the world. However, there some markets in which it is still yet to gain full access such as the China market owing to the strict requirements that have been set by the government. However, Google is an internationally recognised company whose products are applied in different industries (Kotler and Gary 100 -116). [/blur]

Stage 3 Formulate Strategies

Select multinational or global strategy

[blur] The global based expansion strategies are focus on search engine optimization hence giving the clients or the user the chance to only access that content that they feel best pleases them. The second angle of focus is language where the company will set the objective of ensuring different languages are adorned. For example ensuring the systems have been set to accommodate say the needs of the China market by setting the systems to possess the Chinese language capability. The third aspect of expansion is increasing delivery of the android systems which are becoming important aspects especially in the age of smartphones. Lastly, the focus would be the creation of Browser, Mail and Maps which are freely required services all around the globe (Kotler and Gary 100 -116). [/blur]

Formulate corporate level strategy

[blur] The four aspects of corporate level strategy are stability, growth and combination. Stability focuses on retaining the current markets, growth focuses on new untapped markets, combination involves deployment of different strategies as above depending on the uniqueness of the market. The Chinese market will require the growth strategy to facilitate re-entry (Strandvik, Maria and Christian, 241 -252) [/blur]

Formulate business level strategy

[blur] Business level strategy will focus on improving the user experience by accommodating the needs of the client. In this capacity, google will need to show its difference in its product model as compared to other companies that are in the same market of telecommunication. [/blur]

Formulate department level strategy

[blur] The department strategy will focus on spend and delivering content that is relevant depending on the needs of the client. It is one of the approaches to ensuring the company remains competitive even when the company is under threat from the challenges of the new market as witnessed with social economic challenges of the China market. [/blur]

Swot Analysis of Google in China Market

[blur] As a strength, china has various aspects that any business that would like to venture in this market would have to consider. The most important aspect being that the Chinese market has been having an increasing market growth both in the economic growth and through provision of resources through other platforms. This growth is an important aspect of attracting investments by industries in the telecommunication sector as they seek to improve the link between the different nodes in the economy and other parts around the world. This growth has allowed china to share its technology to African nations which would mean Google would be able to capture the attention of its other markets by simply venturing in china. In addition, China has also been having a rapid educational acquisition platform that seek to allow the Chinese to have interaction with other individuals around the world. Google is the perfect platform to accommodate for such a learning experience allowing all the Chinese that would like to learn to have access to education. China has also been having an increase in computing infrastructure and other developments that would facilitate access to other aspects around the world. If google were to venture into this market, it would be very easy to integrate in such systems with much ease since the systems are already built. Other aspects that are important in facilitating Google to have access to this market are its increasing population which would form its basis selling its product model through adverts or facilitating access to resources. This population also creates a good base for accessing cheap labor if at all google were to adopt a different product model that is unique (XIANG 240). [/blur]

[blur] As a weakness, the Chinese market has been having financial disorders which affect any company that would like to make investment in this environment. Its cities are congested with a high population hence denying any other market entrants to have access to resources. Thus, even if a company were to make investments into developing its own infrastructure, they would have to invest enormous resources towards this endeavour (IBP 110). Power supply is also an important factor towards any form of investments especially for huge corporations whose concern is to set up systems that are heavily reliant on power. [/blur]

[blur] Owing to its high population and its growth model, there are several opportunities for a company such as google that would facilitate the company to gain a higher market entry. Its high population which has been having access to different countries around the globe offers an opportunity for Research and development and the necessity for the adoption of a new communication platform. The need to fulfil the thirst for education in the population has also been an important factor towards some of the required projects. Communication companies that have access to education in different parts around the globe will have the potential to provide such an education platform and Google being among the most dominant players in the market will have the opportunity to serve this need (IBP 110) [/blur]

[blur] As some of its threats, the Chinese market has been quite conservative limiting what individuals should access. The Government tends to control almost every aspect of the society. Unfortunately, multinational companies that would like to venture into this market will have the challenge of convincing the government why they should be allowed to do business and whether they intend to serve or raise unnecessary competition. In the past, Google failed to censure some of the materials and hence failed to meet the demands of being in this market. The aging population is also on the increase and while a company such as google may be interested in selling its mission in this market, such a population may not provide the opportunity for its growth (XIANG 240). [/blur]


[blur] It is possible for Google to comply with the existing standards in the Chinese market despite the challenges arising from the Cultural, Political and Economic issues. Being online and having control on all the information that is being accessed, Google has the capacity to determine which content should best be viewed by individuals in the China hence complying with the needs of this market. It would be advisable to have Google venture into this market since it offers access to big market share and provides network that would lead to the global application of technology. Google’s quest to venture into the Chinese market is motivated by several factors. [/blur]

[blur] The Chinese markets forms the largest population around the world. Its population surpasses that of the United States by almost four times which means any company that has access to such a market would have the capacity to serve four times its current potential. Although it is considered to have a poor population on average, China is developed and has access to different important resources such as education and advanced infrastructure. This advancement in infrastructure motivates companies to find ways to invest in the Chinese industry since it presents new opportunities. However, the challenge to Venturing in this new market will require Google to customize its search algorithms to comply with the needs of the new market. Although providing access to information has been the main goal of Google, China as a market requires redeveloping its access to information to ensure only content that is allowable by the government may be accessed. [/blur]

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Google Company - Mission, Objectives Goals, Strategy

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