Guideline for Carrying Out a Comprehensive Financial Analysis of any Publicly Traded Company

Graphical Growth projections of a company
Company Growth Projections over time

In carrying out a comprehensive analysis of a company’s statement, the elements to consider are its locations (location), its Executives the CEO and the CFO, when it begun, its stock market performance, business line, size, competitors and EPS. All these can help you offer informative recommendations

One of the most important attributes of a financial manager is the ability to communicate. With respect to this assignment, you will share what you have learned about your company, its financial position, how events in the market will affect your company, and why this company meets requirements for investment.

This report should contain:

  1. A memo: The cover page should include student’s name, company analyzed, and a brief summary of the report’s contents.
  2. Your analysis: Typewritten page of text. Use single spacing, Calibri, 12-font size. Copying and pasting from any website/article/book without giving references is considered to be plagiarism and is a violation of the Honor Code. Please submit this report under Safe Assign. I urge you to use your own sentences. If you still want to use sentences from a source you like, write it in quotation marks and list the source at the references page.
  3. You should include charts, graphs, or other supporting information. Copying charts/graphs etc. is not acceptable. You must make your own charts/graphs using Microsoft Excel program. You can support your own charts/graphs with charts/graphs from other sources. If you want to include charts/graphs not created by yourself, you should indicate the source at the bottom of the chart/graph.

Here is the format for your report:

A.  Company Profile

  1. Where is the headquarter of your company?
  2. Who is the CEO, CFO?
  3. When was your company founded?
  4. In which stock market the company’s stock is trading and what is the ticker symbol?
  5. What is your company’s primary business line?
  6. What is the size of your company? (Total assets, total sales, total number of employees)
  7. Who are the biggest competitors of your company?
  8. What is the EPS, PE ratio, dividend yield for your company? (Compare past 3 years and to competitors).
  9. What is the market price of stock? (graph on excel the past performance of the company’s daily stock price for the past two years along with the market index— both at the same graph!)
  10. What is your company`s and its competitors’ ROA and ROE for past two years? (graphs)

B.  Opinions and recommendations

Write a conclusion focusing on the following points:

  1. What do you expect/predict about the performance of the company and why?
  2. Is this company positioned to enjoy profitability in the short/intermediate/long term?
  3. Would you recommend buying the stock of the company? Why?

C.  Appendix:  Charts, Graphs, Bibliography

Guideline for Carrying Out a Comprehensive Financial Analysis of any Publicly Traded Company

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