Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle - Source: pexels.com

Physical Wellness
"You can't out exercise a bad diet." The key to a healthy lifestyle is to do both, eat well and move your body.
Research an eating plan and exercise routine that would work for your lifestyle ( I am working 1 full time and 1 PRN jobs, Studying online, I have a family with 2 kids).

Implement one thing from each for this assignment.
1. Why is a combination of clean eating and movement important for the body?
2. What about the plans you chose works well for your lifestyle and how do you implement them in your day to day lives?
3. Discuss what you did to provide evidence from the literature to support your answers.

The Assignment
The mid- to late 20th century was filled with amazing changes and events in professional nursing.

Select one of these changes or events, describe it, and explain how that change or event has impacted quality of nursing practice today.

How have ADN nursing education programs impacted quality of nursing education?

Healthy Lifestyle

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