Reflection Essay on the Class Course Goals

Reflection Essay
Reflection Essay

Reflective Essay; Please think about your experiences researching so far this quarter(it\'s about the 2.5 PM pollution research). Think about how you can provide evidence for what you have learned and gained thus far. If something has been difficult, by all means reflect on it.

Your reflection should include content about peer review and your own revisions, an awareness of the Course Goals (see below) and personal goals, and a connection between what you have done in class and our readings/discussions.

Overall, it is most important to remember that an effective reflection will contain both the personal and the analytical. And even though a reflection is often informal in tone, it is still academic writing.

The following are the specific goals:
?Students should further develop their conception of writing as an interaction between writer and reader and their ability to analyze their audience\'s knowledge, assumptions, and disposition.
?Students should develop the ability to read and evaluate the writing of others with accuracy, understanding, and insight.
?Students should develop strategies of effective research (including, but not limited to library and internet research, interviewing, field work) and learn appropriate conventions for citation, documentation, summarizing, and paraphrasing.
?Students should learn to develop and support convincing arguments from their research.
?Students should learn to incorporate quotations and paraphrased passages into their writing and to document such material with standard scholarly apparatus.
?Students should refine their skill in using written language in multiple genres with greater stylistic sophistication, especially in the context of argumentative strategies.

Elements of a quality reflective essay:

1.What did you learn about your own writing skills from performing a Peer Review on the submitted work of fellow students?
2.What did you learn about your own presentation of ideas from the Peer Reviews returned to you?
3.What additional research will you perform as a result of ideas gained in peer review?
4.What struggles are you having with articulating the ideas of an opposing side?
5.How will you improve the counter-arguments before adding them to the final research paper?
6.What specific skills-building will you focus on over the remaining weeks of class?
7.Discuss how relying on resource material from the internet and YouTube (along with textbooks) was helpful or not helpful.

Reflection Essay on the Class Course Goals

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