Network Engineering Proposals; Proposals for Data Centre Planning

Image of a data centre plan
Image of a data center plan Source: www.pexels.com

Network Engineering Proposals

The objective of this task is to gain working knowledge and an understanding of network planning through research, system analysis, and system planning.

Proposals for Data Centre Planning

Planning of a Data Centre for General Data and Network Services GlobalNets Pty Ltd


An IT Firm plans to extend its business to general data centre services. For this purpose, a new company called GlobalNets Company has been set up to build and manage a data center. The GlobalNets company is now fully functional. It invites submissions of specifications and a standard framework for design of a brand new data centre to provide general data and network services primarily to small- and medium-size companies and organisations. General data, voice, video services and other services are required to make the data centre fully functional for future extension of data centre services to a variety of industrial sectors. This project is based on this scenario to develop specifications and a standard framework for planing a brand new data centre for GlobalNets Company.

Overview of the Data Centre Services

Small- and medium-size companies and organisations do not have their own infrastructure to provide comprehensive data and networked services. They rely on the services provided by external Internet service providers (ISPs) to support their business. For these companies and organisations with many branches, offices and call centres spread in many cities and even overseas, existing network services from external ISPs do not meet their business requirements for integrated business operations.

Addressing such business requirements, the GlobalNets Company aims to build a brand new data centre to provide integrated and cloud services to such companies and organisations.

To reduce the environment impact, capital and operating costs, the data centre is to be built in a regional town, about 100 km away from a major capital city. It is planned to serve around

100 small- and medium-size companies and organisations at early stages and to further extend their services to more organisations later. Each of these companies and organisations consists of a headquarter in a capital city and many branches and offices, which are spread

national wide in many capital cities, second-tier cities and regional towns. It may also have a few overseas branches and offices. The managers and employees of these organisations should be able to access to their respective corporate networks to request services and to deliver services to their customers.

With the fast growing wireless network technologies, wireless and mobile network services may have to be part of their corporate network services for each of the organisations.

All back-end network services are seamless and transparent to end-users, e.g., the employers of the institutions and their customers.

What to Plan

A proposal should enable the GlobalNets Company to follow your proposal to actually build and then operate such a data centre for a variety of network services in cloud. The aspects you may consider could be, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Executive summary and conclusion;

(2) General specifications and standard for building a data centre;

(3) The architecture and topology of the data centre and its integration with all branches, offices, and other components of the organisations to be served;

(4) Virtualization of cloud data centre resources (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc ); (5) Security of the cloud data centre and cloud services.

Your Proposal

You are required to submit a formal proposal of NO more than 20 A4 pages for this Proposals. All the aspects described above in the last section (“What to Plan”) need to be addressed in the proposal.

The quality of the presentation of a technical report is as important as the quality of the technical content of the report in the profession. Therefore,  this proposal will also be assessed on the quality of the following aspects:

(6)    Organization of the report such cover page, executive summary, table of contents, background of this project, body text, conclusion, references and appendix;

(7)    Overall layout such as font, font size, margins; (8)    Three different reflections about the whole task;

Network Engineering Proposals; Proposals for Data Centre Planning

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