Micro-controller File System Design Document

File System Document design
File System Document design

Please come up with a Micro-controller File System Document design and explain why You are using this data structure? Then when you create a file, this how you decide the way or where I put the file in the empty space. If the file grows, explain how to allocate extra space for the file? If the file gets deleted, how do you shrink it? How do I delete it? How do I put directories?

Please include some figures, also I have attached a file that I started to do it might help, but do not use it use any other type that you put in the survey paper conclusion.

If you have any concerns please let me know.

The filesystems are responsible for organizing, storing and retrieving of data from the memory or external memory. They utilizes different software techniques to track of memory being used and different protocols to write and read back the data from memory. The main challenges in any file system are its footprints (the occupying of space for its code), power consumption and generation of raw garbage on the file system ROM.

There are plenty of file systems available in the market for the embedded systems and micro-controllers. Few of them are listed below:

  1. MicroFAT
  2. TinyEmbedded
  3. LittleFS
  4. FatFS
  5. emFile

We will discuss here MicroFAT for our AVR file system. MicrFAT would be a 8-bit file system.

Addressing System:

MicroFAT addressing system would be 16-bit system i.e. each address is encoded with a 16-bit number. Numbering starts from 0 and can go up to maximum of 2^(16)-1 = 64kBytes. This type of addressing is referred as absolute addressing. The memory length can be increased to 16 MB if we create a chunk of 256 byte memory on each address. The block or chunk memory division is known as block addressing as it creates blocks for memory addressing. Both type of addressing are shown in figure below:

block or chunk memory division

Root directory is used to store information of memory such as location of bitmap block and memory size. Bitmap block will store information of each block i.e. block in use, block is damaged or block is not in use. This can be shown in the figure below:

bitmap block and memory size


Micro-controller File System Design Document

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