Financial Statement Analysis Project

Financial Statement Analysis Project
Financial Statement Analysis Project
  1. Project 3:  Financial Statement Analysis Project
  2. Introduction:

This project is designed to assess your ability to interpret and analyze financial statements, and make a presentation to a boss and colleagues.

You recently graduated Summa Cum Laude with a MS in Accounting and Financial Management from a state university.  Your role is to be a financial analyst for a large brokerage firm.  Your boss (the professor) asks you to prepare a financial analysis for two retail companies.  Your analysis will be part of a company-wide analysis of the retail business sector in the US.  You will present your analyses to your boss and colleagues (classmates).

  1. Steps to Completion:

Step 1:  Research

Selectany two U.S. corporations that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the retail sector.  Click Edgar to search for the SEC filings of your chosen retail ≠≠corporations.  Download and review the SEC Form 10-K for the most recent year. 

Step 2:  Analysis

Step 3: Prepare deliverables

 IV. Deliverables:

  1.  An SEC Form 10-K for each corporation used for the analyses
    1. Highlight figures on the Form 10-Kís that you used in your analyses
  2. One Excel workbook with 3 tabs (worksheets):
    1. Horizontal analysis
    1. Vertical analysis
    1. Ratio analysis

Note: all computations must be computed via an Excel formula

V. Hints and Tips:

Ask your professor questions as needed

Financial Statement Analysis Project

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