Web and App Development

Web and App Development
Web and App Development

ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW: Assessment Two: Web and App Development

This is an individual assessment. Create a website for Northampton Taxis. Additionally, you will write a design report detailing how you made use of UX Design guidelines in your design. You will create a simple App using App Maker and reflect on this within your report. This assessment is based upon the Northampton Taxis case study. D

The three components to be assessed are:

1) Design Report: Maximum word count of 2,500 words
2) Dreamweaver Website: Created in Dreamweaver
3) Mobile App: Created in Appy Pie (but reflected on within your report)


Established in 1998, Northampton Taxis is a family owned taxi firm based in Northampton, England. Current staff members include; the business owner, a general manager, five controllers, two general enquires staff, an accounts manager and an accounts assistant. The company currently attracts customers via the Yellow Pages directory and local newspaper adverts. At present the taxi booking system works by customers calling the office via phone to book a taxi. Bookings are also taken via email and fax. Calls, emails and fax bookings are answered by controllers who enter the booking information onto a computer system. The system automatically sends information to the closest driver to the customer’s pick-up location through a PDA.

100 taxi drivers work for the company and are self-employed. The drivers keep the cash paid by to them by customers. The company generates income by charging each driver rent of £145 per week which is the main income for the business. For this rent, drivers are provided with taxi booking equipment and are allocated work by the controllers. In addition, the company operates Business Accounts for a number of local organizations including; schools, the local university, local hospitals and local businesses. Northampton Taxis also offer airport run services. At present, approx. £180,000 is generated by Business Accounts each month, of which Northampton Taxis take a 5% cut from the income paid to drivers.

Currently, the annual company turnover is £1.6 million which is generated from driver’s rent payments and Business Account work. The company wishes to further expand by establishing a web site though which they can reach a wider audience and take bookings online to generate more business. If booking numbers increase then more taxi drivers will be needed, which in turn will bring in more income for the company.

You have been tasked as the Web Developer for Northampton Taxis to complete the first two phases of web development; Requirements Analysis and Prototyping. For this assessment you will complete these first two stages to produce a Design Brief along with non-functioning HTML page prototypes. After an initial meeting with the business owner you have collected information regarding the client’s requirements as shown in the following section.

The web development element of this assessment will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of web design in a practical context. You will create the following six pages using Dreamweaver:

1) Home Page (save this as home.html)
2) About Us (save this as about.html)
3) Services (save this as services.html)
4) Bookings (save this as bookings.html)
5) Airport Prices (save this as airports.html)
6) Contact (save this as contact.html)

Home Page
(home.html) The home page is to include the company address, phone number and email address: Northampton Taxis, 1-3 Gold Street, Northampton, NN1 1AX. Telephone: (01604) 234234. Email: Northamptontaxis@hotmail.co.uk. There should be a link to the Northampton Taxis facebook page:www.facebook.com/northamptontaxis The home page should also include the text: “Northampton’s leading taxi service. Local and Distance work, Airport transfers, Courier Service”
About Us
(about.html) The about us page should include the following text: “Northampton Taxis are a family run business established in 1998. We dedicate ourselves in offering a personalised one to one where comfort, reliability and safety are our priorities. We offer competitive prices, short notice bookings, meet and greet services on airport transfers and fast dispatch. We also offer a parcel delivery service. Please contact us for further information. All our vehicles are fitted with the latest satellite navigation equipment and we can provide booster seats for young children if required”.
(services.html) The services page should include the following text: “We offer a range of vehicles including Mercedes MPVs, six and eight seater cars, estates and saloons. We also have vehicles to accommodate wheelchairs. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking equipment and the latest despatch systems ensuring minimal waiting times for our customers. Upon placing a booking, a SMS will be sent to your mobile device upon vehicle dispatch and arrival. All our drivers have DBS clearance and all our vehicles are licensed with Northampton Borough Council. Northampton Taxis is also a member of the Private Hire Association”.

Additionally the page should include the following text” We also offer a Corporate Account service. To open a Corporate account with us, call our Accounts office on: (01604) 234234 for details. Your account will be ready to use within minutes”.
(bookings.html) The bookings page should include an online form that customers can complete. The required fields are: Name, Email, Phone, Pick Up Address, and Booking Details. The form should also include a “Send” button linking to the company email address and a “Reset” button.
Airport Prices
(airports.html) The airport prices page should include a table displaying “Airport Price Guide” information (see appendix i). Additionally the page should include the text “All prices shown are for departures only, there will be an extra £5 charge for arrivals. Prices are for NN1 – NN5 postcodes only, prices may vary for other postcode locations”.
(contact.html) The contact page should include the company telephone number, email address, office address and fax number (01604) 222222

The app development element of this assessment will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of mobile design in a practical context. Using Appy Pie you will create a simple app to include the following:

• A clear navigation layout
• Application of background colour
• Link to the Northampton Taxis website
• Link to the Northampton Taxis Facebook page
• A Click to Call option to call the company office
• Google maps showing the location of the Northampton Taxis office
• Create an online form so customers can make bookings via the app

You will include screen shots of your app development in the appendices of your Design Report.

The Design report is a written element to enable you to demonstrate your knowledge and understandings on UX design guidelines.

The structure of the Design Report will be as follows:

1) Introduction
2) Critical reflection on UX design: Laws of visual perception
3) Critical reflection on UX design: Designing for human memory limitations
4) Critical reflection on UX design: Colour Schemes
5) Reflections on Mobile App Design

In the appendices you should include screen shots of your Web Pages along with your App Makr Development Screens

Web and App Development

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