Proposal For The Modernization And Overhaul Of The Existing IT Services To Build In Better Resilience And Scalability

Modernization And Overhaul Of The Existing IT Services
Modernization And Overhaul Of The Existing IT Services

Determining the IT Needs Of An Enterprise that has Suffered a Serious Outage Due to Hardware Failure

Scenario The company you work at has just suffered a serious outage in their IT systems due to hardware failure.

The multi-million pound business has over the past three years has undergone a massive shift from sales in person to their new e-commerce system bringing it from single digit percentages in terms of sales to representing a third to a half of all of their sales.

Unfortunately, however, the increased usage and popularity of their e-commerce systems has not seen a similar investment and interest in their IT teams which develop, manage and run their e-commerce systems which have been forced to continue with low numbers of staff and very tight budgets.

After analyzing what has caused the outage the IT team have determined that there was actually only a single device failure, but one which was such a critical piece of the puzzle it took many services down, including preventing online sales from happening, costing the business almost an entire weekend of sales.

Having realized investing in IT is required senior management have asked that the IT department create a proposal for the modernization and overhaul of the existing IT services to build in better resilience and scalability for the services which are required for the business. The principle aim of the changes to the IT estate is to attempt to minimize the risks of a repeat event.

The senior management team is keen to react quickly to correct the faults with their systems, so implementation speed should be considered a priority where it doesn’t bring significant downsides to ongoing operations and maintenance.

The business has two sites, their main HQ (350 users) with a leased line connection and their secondary site (100 users) on a basic ADSL service. 

All services, including those externally accessible are hosted in the main HQ and the secondary site accesses any internal only services via a VPN. The secondary site constantly has issues accessing both internal IT services and internet which the modernization should also address.

 The services identified as needing to meet the new “modernization” requirements include:


A written report of around 3000-3500 words.

Evaluate and suggest an action plan which can address the needs of the scenario to provide a more resilient, reliable and scalable provision of IT services. As part of this consider:

 A document showing the steps to setup and configuration of one of the suggested or existing services. It should show what you have done to meet

The report should include suggestions for how you could make existing services both more resilient from single device failure and other reasonable causes of outages and more scalable and extendible to meet what has been a very steady and consistent rise in demand for their services.

Proposal For The Modernization And Overhaul Of The Existing IT Services To Build In Better Resilience And Scalability

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