Contagion-The Movie Reflection

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Contagion-The Movie Reflection



Contagion-The Movie Reflection

  1. Give a brief summary of the plot of the movie.

The Movie Contagion begins with Beth had a business trip to Hong Kong. Soon after her return, she dies from an infection that appears to be flu. Later in the same day, her son dies from somewhat similar infection. Surprisingly, her husband seems to be immune to the infection but the deadly infection starts spreading. Medics at the Centers for Disease Control do not realize the gravity of the outbreak for a few days after it was reported. They have a short time to examine the infected people to determine the virus and design ways of combating it. Such a process often takes several months. The infection spreads worldwide and millions of people are infected. People start panicking leading to a collapse in social order.

[blur] The CDC was charged with identifying the cause of the infection by examining samples of the virus for laboratory investigations. The CDC also coordinated their findings on the disease to enable researchers to develop vaccine. The CDC shared the same information with Pharmaceutical companies for mass production of the vaccine. In addition, information from the CDC is used by the government in setting up treatment and quarantine centers and advising the public about the outbreak. [/blur]

[blur] To a larger extent, the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are in charge of combating the infection. However, we see samples of the virus being examined in a private lab where Dr. Sussman works. Although he was advised to stop further investigations on the disease by the CDC, Dr. Sussman continues and runs further tests on the samples after which he comes out MEV-1, a vaccine for the infection. [/blur]

The social media is represented by the work of Jude Laws, who plays a huge role in the film. He blogs about the paranoia that people have worldwide and shares critical information about the infection for public awareness.

[blur] The film Contagion reflects the numerous challenges that the society may face when encountered by a deadly infection. The film is constructed based on realistic medical and public health response to a pandemic. The film depicts most of the public health aspects and employs a reasonable approach when illustrating the transmission of the infection. [/blur]

[blur] When making vital decisions during an outbreak in real life situation, there are essential ethical considerations that should made. Such principles could either be substantive, which drive the response actions or procedural, which gives value to the standards used. Either of the two supports the other when implemented correctly. [/blur]


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Contagion-The Movie Reflection

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