State and Nation Building Political Parties Process

Voting as a State Political Process
Voting as a State Political Process

1. Select one topic: modern state/state-building, modern nation/nation-building, democracy/democratization, authoritarianism, constitution, political parties and protests, government, and political economy

2.   Select two cases from: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, and Brazil

you are free to select one of the cases from the global south, if you wish to.

The selection of the topic and cases should be confirmed by Teaching


3.   Case Studies: Examine the topic in each case separately

Research Design

Make a clear research question on the topic of interest in your cases

Apply a specific theory to develop a general argument relevant to the

research question

Discuss the main causes and dimensions of the issue of interest in each case, separately

Both case studies should be done within the elected theoretical


In conclusion, discuss what was similar and what was different (if any)

in the two cases.

Paper Structure:

1.      Introduction: (1.5-2 pages (40 %)

A)      Introduce your topic and cases: e.g. state formation in UK and Germany

B)      Research question: which institutions provided the basis of state-building in the two countries? C)      Identify the theory that you use

D)     Make a clear argument

E)      Articulate how the rest of the paper elaborates on the argument

2. Case Studies: 40% (Each case study should not exceed (3-3.5 pages): examine each case in two separate sections. Each case study should be used as the subtitle for the relevant section. Each case study should include:

A)      An introductory paragraph: discuss what this case study is about (introduce the country and the topic you study in it)

B)       A Background: e.g. if your research is on state building, provide a background of state formation in your cases, and explain the origins and the underlying forces behind the process

C)      In both case studies, sources must be cited properly.

3. Conclusion: 20%  (1-1.5 pages) :conclude your findings (what did you find in each case? What were the main differences and

similarities? What were the reason of the difference and similarity?)


1.  Clarity: the paper should be clearly written, free of grammatical errors.

2.  It is important to articulate your research question, argument, and theory in

the beginning

3.   References: Use relevant chapters of the textbooks (this is mandatory)  and 6 extra academic  sources (i.e. journal articles or book chapters) 3 for each case study.

4.   Citation: all sources should be properly cited. You are free to select any standard citation style (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style) but every single paper should use only one style and use it consistently

5.  Organization: An ideal paper will be organized in four sections divided by

subtitles (introduction, case study I, case study II, conclusion)

State and Nation Building Political Parties Process

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