Business and Data Understanding Analysis of Your Data

Data Dissemination and Visualization.JPG
Data Dissemination and Visualization.JPG

Select a data set that is interesting to you from the R repository, or from one of the following web sites:
Download the data set and open it on your computer. This may take a bit of work, depending on which data set you select. If you find a CSV file, it will make this assignment much easier.
Complete a Business Understanding and Data Understanding analysis of your data. Write a 1 page summary of your assessment of your data. Ensure that address all of the following points:
1) What types of businesses or organizations would use the data set you selected.
2) List at least three questions that organizations could/would answer using your chosen data set. Explain why each of these three questions would matter; why an organization would care about the answers to your stated questions.
3) Conduct basic descriptive analysis on your data set. Describe any metadata that came with your data set.
4) Discuss the value of the variables included. Are there questions or ambiguities associated with any of the variables?
5) Examine the data for outliers. Identify and discuss any that you find. Determine if there are any interesting anomalies in the data.

Business and Data Understanding Analysis of Your Data

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