Audience and Purpose In A Network Security Firm

Proposal Scenario – Assignment 2

Audience and Purpose
Audience and Purpose

Read the scenario carefully and use the information to complete the Audience and Purpose document for Assignment 2.

Your Role and Responsibilities

You are a member of the IT department at a growing network security firm.

At your job, deadlines are important.  Cases must be handled deftly and in an immediate way – and the number of contracts your company is taking on has increased significantly in the past two years.

The Current Issue and Solution

You are a member of the IT department.  Since you began five years ago, the number of staff has risen from 5 to 50. At the same time, monitoring of company bandwidth has revealed another key issue.  “Non-essential” bandwidth use for the company is at 47%.  Much of the increase is attributed to company employees who check their social media accounts over the company network while at the workplace.  Rather than scold or chastise the employees, you have been asked to approach the problem in a different way. 

The Proposal

At a recent management meeting, your CEO (Paula Benstone) has asked you and a colleague to write a proposal suggesting one productivity app which would be of benefit to the company.


Paula Benstone has been CEO since the company began; she is one of its founders.  She possesses a reputation for fairness and efficiency. You have a good relationship with her; she is always friendly,  but likes to maintain a professional distance. She often requires you to write reports and you know that she appreciates facts presented simply and concisely, supported by data and sources.

Audience & Purpose

Read the Assignment 1 Scenario carefully and complete the Audience and Purpose document below. Make sure that you answer all the questions. You will need to enlarge the text boxes to include as much information as possible.

1. Who are your readers?

    Who are the primary readers? Who could you ask for advice with regard

    to the app or writing a proposal (Secondary reader)? Is there anyone

    outside the company who might have a general interest in your proposal

    (tertiary reader)? Who will check the proposal before it is sent out


2. Why does the primary reader need to read your document? What will

    your proposal enable her / him to do?

3. What information do you need to include in your proposal?

    What does the reader need to know? Use bullet points and

    be very specific.

4. What are the best writer strategies to use when writing the proposal?

    Look at the ‘writer strategy’ document and choose the

    Strategies most relevant to writing a proposal for this reader.

    You may copy and paste these, but be careful; include only those which

    are relevant to the document you are writing.

Audience and Purpose In A Network Security Firm

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