Sample Reflective Journal and Costly Discipline

Sample Reflective Journal and Costly Discipline
Sample Reflective Journal and Costly Discipline

Assignment Overview on Reflective Journal Entry - Costly Discipleship

The journal is a record of reflections about your own experiences, attitudes, opinions, and feelings in relation to the material and within the context of the themes we are examining in the course. Each entry should explore the content of the weekís topic in relation to your own experience and academic knowledge. The entries are to critically engage with the resources and dialogue provided in the course.
The entries are to critically engage with the resources and dialogue provided in the course. At the end of the week, submit the weekís journal entry into the assignment submission box.
Assignment Requirements
Where do you see cheap and costly grace at play in your own life and experience?
What would it mean for you to follow the way of costly discipleship?

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Sample Reflective Journal and Costly Discipline

In essence, discipleship and grace need to be costly and not cheap as many churches and Christians have been practicing in modern times. Costly discipleship and grace is one that must be sought after time after time and over and over again. Costly grace as should be the case with costly discipleship is a door that man should constantly knock on and a gift that man must ask for. Costly grace as in costly discipleship is a pearl that man has to buy and one that is costly. It is also the Kingly rule of Jesus Christ and in which man can even pluck out the eye that may cause him to sin.

From reading on costly discipleship in this cost, grace needs to be costly since it calls people to follow and it gains the virtue of being regarded as grace because it is following Jesus Christ. It is also costly because it costs human beings their lives and it is also grace because it offers the human beings the only true life that following Jesus Christ offers. Grace is costly because it vehemently condemns sin but it is also graceful because it justifies sinners. Most of all, grace is costly because it did cost God the life of his only begotten son and as such what has cost God can in no way be cheap for human beings. In addition, it is most of all grace because God did not see his son as being too dear for the price of the lives of human beings but instead delivered his son to us human beings.

In essence, costly grace is Godís incarnation and the best way for human beings to follow. It is also Godís sanctuary and has to be protected from any forms of secularism and the world and should also not be thrown to the dogs or taken for granted. Costly grace calls for costly discipleship- following Jesus Christ. Costly grace and discipleship is the compelling of human beings to submit to Christís yoke and follow Jesus Christ. It is also grace because the call to follow Jesus is deemed to have light burdens and easy yokes. This is what it would mean for me and for anyone les to follow the way of costly discipleship.

I have seen chap grace at play in various aspects of life. As a matter of fact, the modern world is one in which churches teach cheap grace as they initiate their own form of grace. Cheap grace is deadly but yet evident in churches with forgiveness of sin, sacraments, and consolation o religion being thrown away at cheap prices. This is like whereby churches shower blessings generously without fixing any limits or asking questions. In essence, grace in this dimension is cheap as the assumption is that the account was paid by Jesus Christ already and thus everything else humans can get for nothing. The infinite cost leads to the assumption that spending and using grace is also infinite. Cheap grace being manifested in churches is whereby forgiveness is being preached n churches without any requirements for repentance, or baptism without any discipline, and communion without factoring in confession. Cheap grace is rampant today in churches and can be said to the grace without discipleship or grace without Christ, the cross, incarnate, and living.

Therefore, following the way of costly discipleship is having costly grace whereby baptism is characterized by discipline, communion after confession, and forgiveness with repentance. Costly discipleship is not throwing grace away at a cheap or cut price; it required discipline and following Christ to the yoke.

Sample Reflective Journal and Costly Discipline

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