Sample Summary Essay on Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal

Sample Summary Essay on Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal
Sample Summary Essay on Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal

Sociology Paper Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal

After reading ?Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal’s? by George C. Homans. Write a brief summary/ response/ analysis/ application.

The summary should be 300 words. *******Required Book ?Four Sociological Traditions Selected Readings?, by Randall Collins***********

The reading can be found on page 135 of the book ?four sociological traditions selected readings?

Four sociological traditions and the respective readings,
the basics of conflict theory and sociological insights from Collins summary,

Social exchange theory journal articles and durkheimian tradition,

Sample Essay on Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal’s

This chapter seeks to show the social exchange that occurs among equals as well as among unequal persons by using studies among small groups of people to demonstrate an existing pattern that governs individual interactions that underlay all social institutions. Most importantly, the reading asserts that the rewards and costs that are experienced by human actors are the basis upon which sociological explanations can be understood particularly in regards to the interactions between and among the equals and unequal persons (P. 135).

Normally, as the reading asserts, people that have similar backgrounds and similar values thereof have a particular tendency to apt and subsequently like each other. This similarity in esteem or a recognition in status in which people recognize each other as equals in a social dimension.  This kind of equality is however not on all members in a group but rather equality within a strata or layer; this is in members who felt hat they are either inferior or superior to other at a particular time and period. The reading also highlights the issue of primitives and acceptance or non-acceptance of gifts among groups and classes.

The reading is particular in addressing reasons and motives for interactions among and across people in different classes such as where people tend to interact more with equals with socially inferior persons not interacting with superiors particularly in leisure. The reading also show how the superiors do not like being associated or seen with inferiors on social occasions in regards to the rule of status congruence. This is especially the case in superiors yet to establish a firm superior status since those that have a firm standing have achieved a congruent status and thus allow inferior to access him/ her (p. 140).

Concisely, the differences in social status that exist in the modern day society with a superior class on one hand and an inferior class on the other have created a conspicuous association between interaction and social status in issues such as leisure. This is a norm in all caste and class systems all over. The interaction between inferiors and superiors is thus shaky unless in instances where as superior has a firm standing and position and has achieved a certain level of congruence.

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Sample Summary Essay on Social Exchange among Equals and Unequal

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