Data Dissemination and Visualization

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Application Paper 2 – Data Dissemination and Visualization

Assignment Overview: A local organization is interested in disseminating some of their evaluation findings, and is contracting with you to provide this support. They have a survey that was used with their Success Over Stress program, and is asking you to take their raw data from their survey and produce two documents: a two page executive summary document to highlight the program outcomes, and a “cover sheet” that outlines a partial data dissemination plan.

For this paper (AP2), you have multiple resources at your disposal:

A copy of the matched pre/post survey (matched meaning both the pre answers and the post answers belong to the same person),
The pre/post data in an excel sheet
The Data Dissemination Plan Template with specific points for you to answer in your cover sheet
Data Visualization computer day in class
The AP2 Rubric

Completion of AP2 relates back to our course goals of developing a data communication document using principles of data visualization and learning theory to disseminate program outcomes. This assignment builds on the knowledge discussed in class related to visualization principles and dissemination methods, but is now asking you to identify key data points to share, and to think through the best method to share them.

Data Visualization computer day in class

In class we will go through the following steps, utilizing the resources provided and hyperlinked below.

Open and reviewed survey tool utilized for pre/post survey of the LifeSkills program.
Compare it to the survey tool with codes
Identified key aspects of the two documents
Opened and reviewed excel sheets containing the LifeSkills program pre and post data
Compared it to the survey tool
Identified setup and formatting of data
Discussed possible goals and key data points to share from the data
Checked setup of data
Reviewed common formulas to use in excel to tabulate data
Used formulas on the raw data to tabulate responses
Used Vasserstats.net to examine impacts
Utilized Microsoft Word to create graphs/charts with the tabulated data

write up a case report with your analysis of the following issues:?

1. In what ways can Susan Collyns facilitate the success of CPK?

2. Using the scenarios in case Exhibit 9, what role does leverage play in affecting the return on equity (ROE) for CPK? What about the cost of capital? In assessing the effect of leverage on the cost of capital, you may find this equation useful: ?L= ?U[1+(1-T)D/E].

3. Based on the analysis in case Exhibit 9, what's the anticipated CPK share price under each scenario? How many shares will CPK be likely to repurchase under each scenario? What role does the tax deductibility of interest play in encouraging debt financing at CPK?

4, What capital structure policy would you recommend for CPK?

Report format: No cover page. You should have about two pages of text, but you can not go over 2 pages.No tables or figures in the text. All the table and figure should go to the Appendix. Team members should be listed alphabetically by last names on the top of the first page. Times New Roman, font size 12, minimum 1.5 line spacing, with margins of at least one inch. Appendix: All exhibits and tables should be professionally labeled and easily readable. Following the format, requirement will be part of your case grade

Data Dissemination and Visualization

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