Government in America

Introduction to American Government Essay
Introduction to American Government Essay

Introduction to American Government Essay

Reflecting on course materials, including readings from Government in America, writing an essay to

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explain the difference between a term and a session of congress,
1. Compare and contrast the ideas of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Baron de Montesquieu on the relationship between government and those in its charge, How, in turn, has Locke and Montesquieu influenced the thinking of James Madison with respect to the US Constitution? How do the latter thinkers relate to the conservatism of the Constitution and its subsequent democratization? What is the relationship between that document and the populist strain in American political culture? Also, discuss the ways in which the unfolding texture of American life, such as the advent of new technologies, affects the Constitution.

2. The delegates at the Constitutional Convention faced the dilemma of reconciling economic inequality with personal and political freedoms. Unpack this apparent paradox. How did the Madisonian system attempt to accomplish this task? How is this system expected to work? Discuss its legacy in todayís America. To what extent have these efforts been successful? How?

3. At the heart of the American Constitution lies an inherent tension. Some complain that the Constitution tends to support the status quo and produce stalemate. Checks and balances, separation of powers, and other provisions of the document make legislative change, when it does come, difficult to achieve. Some believe this adversely affects effectiveness and efficiency in the American political system. At the same time, others praise the way the Constitution protects minority views and individual rights. Which view of the Constitution do you find more convincing? Discuss this tension and its expression with and example.

4. In the Senate, state with small populations such as Rhode Island have the same number of votes as larger ones such as California. Moreover, the nature of American bicameralism requires that both the Senate and the House of Representatives assent to any legislation. By definition, this means that the Senate can exercise the equivalent of absolute veto power on majoritarian legislation passed by the House. Present arguments for and against the system of state representation in the Senate. What is your opinion of the assertion that this system makes Congress, insignificant, ways, an unrepresentative institution? What reforms would you propose to make Congress a more effective and just representative and legislative institution?

Government in America

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