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Information Technology Service Management Knowledge Management Best Practices

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Knowledge management is not a new subject; it has been the underlying dimension that guides the most recent school of thoughts, which were introduced in the 80ís. The study of knowledge management in the modern world investigates several aspects. When our clients ask us to write essays in relation to knowledge management there are several angles that prompt them.

First, there is the question of what knowledge management is all about. The questions on this thread are mean to address the following questions

What are the types of knowledge management systems that exists, what are the knowledge management system software that have been developed, how is knowledge management system viewed in Management Information Science, what are the benefits of knowledge management system and the purpose that guides companies towards adopting such systems.

The second part of knowledge management is the service knowledge management system, which addresses the application of the above concept. The idea covered here seek to elaborate of IT Service Management knowledge management best practices, documenting all the processes, identifying the management activities involved, finding the key performance indicators and showing how all this relates to the different kinds of existing software such as the skms software and the KM databases.

The last segment on knowledge management focuses on different elements and their focus on different existing technologies in the modern world such as the cloud computing knowledge management trends, Big Data handling, Enterprise system approaches on handling of data to convert it to data and information, Using the KM as a performance management  avenue, transfer of the gained knowledge and organization management in data management oriented kinds of organizations.

Should you want someone to write for you a research paper or an essay related to knowledge management, kindly talk to us. We will be glad to help. We have previously handled a sample knowledge management paper and would be glad to assist you get a similar or an even better assignment completed.

Sample Essay Task on Knowledge Management

Almost every organization today is looking forward to accumulating knowledge and information which they can rely on to make important business decisions. However, accumulating such knowledge is faced with the challenge of sourcing the information and accumulating it for later application in different contexts. This review discusses two perspectives that analyze how individuals and organization can source for knowledge and retain it for use when situations require.

[blur] Khedhaouria & Jamal (2015) in their article sourcing knowledge for innovation: knowledge reuse and creation in project teams investigate the motivation behind sourcing for knowledge and finding ways to apply such knowledge. In their findings, they present the arguments that group sourcing should be relied upon for both knowledge creation and re use. They cite the internet to be an effective platform where individuals can collect knowledge and re-use it. Another researcher, Lin (2015) examined the influence of the Knowledge management orientation dimensions (KMO) such as sharing of knowledge, its absorption, and organization on memory on the balanced scored card outcomes such as the satisfaction of the customers, financial performance, learning, and growth. In this study, Lin found out that knowledge has a huge influence on the KMO whether directly or indirectly. [/blur]

[blur] As a case application, companies in the oil industry have had to worry about the loss of aging talent and individuals who about to retire. As a solution to solving such problems, most of these companies have had to rival on the application of systems such as Predix which assist them to accumulate knowledge making it easy for the younger millennial's to learn what they should do when faced with different challenges (Winnig, 2016). [/blur]

[blur] Knowledge management will still be an important topic that will dominate the technology industry. Companies will have to find ways in which they can adopt systems that they need to assist them to make the right decisions or provide them with information that will facilitate how they anticipate their future. [/blur]


Khedhaouria, A., & Jamal, A. (2015). Sourcing knowledge for innovation: knowledge reuse and creation in project teams. Journal of Knowledge Management, 19(5), 932-948.

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Winnig, L. (2016). GE's Big Bet on Data and Analytics. MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(3).

Information Technology Service Management Knowledge Management

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