Fighting on the Inside to Get Latino Voters in Arizona

Fighting on the Inside to Get Latino Voters in Arizona
Fighting on the Inside to Get Latino Voters in Arizona

Political Summary on the State and Influence of the Latino Voters in Arizona

Inside the fight for Latino voters in Arizona

In a video presented by the CNN to highlight the political landscape in Arizona, CNN made a claim that it is very likely that Latino voters might influence the election cycle of Arizona referring to the actions of both the republicans and the Democrats aggressiveness in pitching their goals to the Latino voters. In the video, several candidates such as David Garcia who is a gubernatorial candidate stood at the educational town hall to pitch his ideas on the Latino community, which could be an indicator of just how the dynamics of politics are likely to be In Arizona.

But Why?

The Latino community has been known to be less conservative rarely seeking to participate in interactive forums such as the elective posts, and limiting much of their activity to family oriented kind of practice and setting. In the video, the current governor who is a Latino elaborates on the elements that make the Latino community to stand out. Among them are constant family participation, faith and worship, military service and opening small business. All these are essential variables that an individual seeking an elective post might have to consider as the video further shows.

For the republicans, the appeal in Arizona often adopts the approach that everyone is a viable citizen of the nation and their rights will have to be listened. As the current governor comments, majority of some of the values that the Republican Party has always held have been views that the Latino community can easily identify with. Giving them an upper hand in campaigning, but with the current regime in power the campaigning angle of the democrat has had to be †one where they show fear especially when the topic of immigration comes giving the Latino a reason to listen to these candidates.

In fact, the fear of repatriation is visible when the republican candidate Sergio Arellano knocks on the door and asks the voters to accept his bid, only for him to refuse meeting the candidate just by the mention of the party that he supports.

Interesting as it seems, the rivalry, between democrat and the republic is taking a new shape even being escalated as a family issues especially the death of EX Arizona Senator John McCain who apparently on his death made it clear according to CNN that he would not want president trump to be a part of his burial.

McCain didnt want Trump at funeral service

Demographic and Boundary Facts about Arizona

According to Census.GOV the percentage of the population demographic in Arizona is at 74% for the English speakers, 20% for the Spanish speakers, 2% for the Navajo while all the other communities accounting for 5% of the remaining languages. The state largely has about a quarter of the whole state being viewed as an Indian reserve tracing its history far back.Arizon became a part of the independent Mexico in 1912 after Mexico ceded much of the territory to the united states in the Mexican American War .

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Fighting on the Inside to Get Latino Voters in Arizona

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