The Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul

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The Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul.JPG


This paper explores the effect of Yoga on body and soul by analyzing past research and accumulated knowledge on the above topic. The review has shown that those who pursue Yoga always seek to address two main areas their soul and body. Yoga is done in a quest to achieve harmony being ones thoughts and the physical well being as the research shows. This review has identified three main benefits, attaining inner peace, increasing flexibility and accepting oneself. This review has shown Yoga to have a positive influence on both the body and the soul.

The Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul

As far back as the history of the world dates, human beings have always had a quest to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual being by adopting different disciplines and artistic styles to improve their capacity to endure challenges, attain tranquility, and cope with hardships.

Among the most recognized practice is the Hindu discipline of yoga which helps individuals to gain muscle strength, increase their flexibility, to center their focus of thoughts while relaxing and calming them down. As Sharma (2012) explains, Yoga is not just a philosophy; rather it is a way of life, which focuses on the wholesome understanding of an individual empowering them to gain a better understanding of oneself. This review will address the effects of yoga on one's body and soul.

Pursuing yoga has directly been attributed to have a positive impact on one's capacity to attain inner peace. The idea of inner peace as Sharma (2012) explains arises from the fact that yoga focuses on and integrating one's emotional and spiritual elevation allowing them to increase their focus of imagination beyond the obvious norms, practices, and ideas.

Yoga looks at the bigger picture of any aspect that an individual is going through whether it is the stresses of life or the normal day-to-day hardships. In a sense, it gives one time to reimagine different perspective of the issues that one is facing, while at the same time, giving one the much needed break from reality that makes one recognize that life has much more to offer.

The second benefit of yoga to the body is the increased level flexibility, which allows one to do exercises that have a positive impact on the body. A past study carried out at Colorado State University found out that bikram yoga, which is one of the three types of Yoga, introduces a person's body to more than twenty-six types of postures, which focus on the wholesome body exercises (Tracy & Hart, 2013).

As the research by Kenney, Jack, & David (2015) reviews, health practitioners have always advocated for exercises to improve the wellbeing of a person. In addition, as Kenney, Jack, & David (2015) comments, such exercises influence the soul by affecting one's mood positively.

Yoga also emphasizes on the necessity of accepting oneself. Whether it is in reference to the thoughts that reflect the intentions of the souls, or in acceptance of one's body structure and gait, Yoga is the one practice that gives an individual time to focus on building personal mental strength.

It also all aids in the understanding how the body responds to different ideas, emotions, and external pressure. The importance of having time to appreciate oneself cannot be emphasized enough especially considering the views presented by Sharma (2012) that taking time to understand oneself tends to build confidence to face challenges such as overthinking and having unwanted negative feelings.

The effects of yoga on ones soul and body present a positive influence to empower individuals to access the better versions of themselves physically and spiritually. Those pursuing yoga can attain inner peace, bodily flexibility that compares to the practice of exercising the body and emphasizing on accepting oneself. Inner peace as the reviews shows allows one to deal with the stress, Flexibility allows one to test the limits of ones body while accepting oneself address the capacity to gain confidence to face the world.


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The Effects of Yoga on Body and Soul

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