Appointed WMD Coordinators

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The FBI has appointed WMD coordinators at the many field offices around the United States. The WMD coordinator is trained and ready to handle any situation that might involve the use of WMD. Think for a moment about the role of the WMD coordinator. Imagine the responsibility and the authority that an individual in this role might have. Now consider the following scenario:

It is Monday morning at 8:50 a.m. and the school year has just started. The WMD coordinator, stationed in the Greater Boston area, receives notification that a backpack has been found in the subway (the Boston "T") at the Mattapan stop on the Red Line. The backpack appears to have bomb inside which has not exploded but is leaking gas of some type. The final piece of information that the coordinator receives is that the Mattapan stop has been shut down by the Captain Avery Doyle, Commander in Chief of the Mattapan Precinct. No Red Line trains are allowed to make a stop at the Mattapan station. The remainder of the "T" system is running on a rush-hour schedule.

What are the next steps you might take if you were the WMD coordinator in this situation? The Application Assignment this week requires you to put yourself in the place of a WMD coordinator and then make decisions about which law enforcement agencies should be involved in the response to this potential terrorist attack. You also weigh the responsibility of notifying the public of the potential terrorist attack.

To prepare for this Assignment:

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Appointed WMD Coordinators

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