Artwork Discussion Analysis

Artist Discussion Analysis
Artist Discussion Analysis

Artist Discussion Analysis

Research and select an artwork from one of the selected artists listed below. You will then select from one of two prompts below and discuss how the artist’s work engages with, disrupts, and/or perpetuates the selected theme. Narrow your argument to focus on a specific vantage point (i.e. gender, race, etc.) when discussing what the artist is engaging with via the work. Remember the issue of framing/viewing as previously outlined by Berger and O’Doherty (context is everything!).

Theme 1: 1. How does this artwork function against (or, depending on your thesis, in accordance with) historically misogynistic conceptions of (white) male ‘genius’? Does the work convey the artistic intent engendered to it? How?

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Theme 2: 2. How does this artwork function and/or engage with issues of representation (that is, representation of whatever it is that the artwork is eliciting, be it gender, race, etc.)? What identity politics are at play here and how does that charge (or hinder) the work? Selected Artists: Betye Saar, Judy Chicago, Mónica Mayer, Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, Sandra Eleta The short paper should be exactly 3-4 pages in length and comprised of the following: An Introduction (avoid generalizations/blanket statements such as ‘since the beginning of time..’ ‘art is different to everyone..’ etc. etc. – this is also where you will state your thesis) Body (this is where you will discuss both the formal (if applicable) aspects of the work as well as the conceptual aspects – what is the artistic intent and how is it inevitably received? How do these things operate against/in accordance with the chosen theme?) Conclusion Please also be sure to use at LEAST 2-5 academic/scholarly sources (you may use the articles we’ve read in class, or, any other relevant scholarly AND peer-reviewed sources). Remember, the paper should be 3-4 of WRITING (this count does NOT include cover page, bib, etc.). You will be docked points if the paper falls short of the required length.

Artwork Discussion Analysis

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